Watch Bernie Sanders Rallies From Sheboygan And Green Bay Live Online: Streaming Video, Full Replay Of April 1 Rallies

Fans can watch the Bernie Sanders rallies from Sheboygan and Green Bay, Wisconsin, live online and see if his campaign can continue its momentum in the Badger State.

The Sanders campaign is looking to next Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary as a potential turning point in the race for the Democratic nomination. Sanders scored a trio of big wins on Saturday — sweeping caucuses in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii — but they were contests where he was already heavily favored. Wisconsin, on the other hand, was long expected to be a win for Hillary Clinton until very recently, when Sanders has started to surge in the polls.

Sanders has already had a series of filled-to-capacity rallies in Wisconsin, and on Friday has two more planned. Fans who want to watch live streaming video of Bernie Sanders’ rally from Sheboygan can see the video below. It will start at 4 p.m. ET (3 p.m. CT).

Live streaming video of the Bernie Sanders rally from Green Bay can be found below. It is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. ET (7 p.m. CT).

There is already plenty of enthusiasm around the rallies, the Green Bay Gazette reported. Students from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay are particularly excited, with some planning to start lining up at 9 a.m.

“Younger students experiencing a presidential election for the first time are really fired up about Bernie,” said Brandilyn Kochera, a member of the college Democrats group. “His coming to campus is making them even more energetic to go out and vote in the primary.”

Excitement is high across the campus, noted chancellor Gary Miller.

“This is proving to be an extraordinary week on campus. As a public institution of higher education, political discourse of this nature should be a part of the university experience. This is the place where important conversations regarding our country’s future are designed to take place,” Miller said.

Those who watch the Bernie Sanders rallies in Sheboygan and Green Bay live online will see a campaign invigorated by the wins last week and looking for an upset in Wisconsin. Sanders has been pushing his message against trade deals that devastated areas like Wisconsin, setting a sharp contrast from Hillary Clinton.

“We are talking, over a period of years, of the loss of tens of thousands of good-paying jobs here in Wisconsin, millions of jobs throughout this country,” Sanders said at a rally in Kenosha, via the New York Times. “On all of these trade policies, NAFTA, permanent normal trade relations with China, I not only voted against them, I help lead the opposition against them. On the other hand, over the years, Secretary Clinton has supported virtually all of these disastrous trade agreements.”

Sanders added that these trade deals have been designed to “allow companies to shut down plants in Vermont, in Wisconsin, and all over this country because they don’t want to pay workers here $15, $20, $25 an hour.”

“They don’t want to pay them a living wage. They don’t want to protect environmental rules. They don’t want to deal with unions,” he said. “They’d rather move to Mexico or China, pay people pennies an hour.”

The message appears to be sticking. After trailing Clinton by more than 20 points in some earlier polls, a new poll shows Sanders ahead by four points going into Tuesday’s primary. Other polls this week have shown Sanders with leads of five or six points.

While Bernie Sanders would still have a difficult road ahead — including a primary in New York where Clinton has a lead of more than 20 points in most polls — a win in Wisconsin could help continue to turn the race in his favor.

Those who miss the live streaming video of the Bernie Sanders rallies in Sheboygan and Green Bay can watch the full replay in the embedded videos above.

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