Women Deny Involvement In Prostitution Ring Allegedly Led By Houston Airline Pilot

Eight women who were accused of being involved in a prostitution ring in Houston this week are not fessing up to being a part of the organization or even knowing the ringleader of the operation.

Two of the women are denying any involvement and claim that they do not even know the United Airlines pilot who was accused of running the ring.

The lawyers to the two specific women who denied involvement said they are aware that they are a part of the investigation as possible members of a larger network and prostitution ring but denied that they know anything about the alleged ringleader, Bruce Wayne Wallis.

Eight women were arrested on the prostitution charges in a raid last week that led to arrests of the international pilot, Wallis, and a woman who was accused of being one of his “top lieutenants,” 37-year-old Tracie Tanner.

The Houston Chronicle shared as to the course of events this week.

“Wallis and Tanner appeared in court earlier this week on felony charges of compelling prostitution. Attorneys for both denied any wrongdoing.”

One of the eight women arrested spoke outside the Harris County courtroom on Thursday after insisting she only be identified as “Emmy.” The accused said the eight women were put in a jail cell together and none of them knew one another or had even seen Wallis before. The woman shared what took place.

“They just kind of took down everybody in the industry even though we don’t know each other and we don’t know him. They just lumped us all together. We just happened to be in the same building.”

Emmy did not entirely deny working as a prostitute, however, she was self-employed and was not a part of the large ring that officials are investigating. The woman admitted she “works at a spa in a commercial office building along Highway 290.”

Officials with Texas Department of Public Safety and the human trafficking unit raided and closed down a number of brothels in various office suites during last week’s sting.

Katherine Anne Rejous, 29, was another woman accused in the group of eight, yet also said she had never met Wallis before. The woman’s lawyer spoke on behalf of his client.

“It’s my suspicion that Katherine couldn’t pick this Bruce Wayne fellow out of a crowd of two, with a hint. So, we’re going to figure out why it is that she’s been implicated in all of this.”

None of the women accused spoke in court. All eight were freed on bail and include “Elizabeth Sue Stokes and Ekaterina Spangler, both 25; Heather Osborne, 28; Melba Davis, 32; Sarah Cortez, 35; and Romy Stephen and Senia Karia Alvarez, both 40.”

The publication relays the process that the prosecution is taking thus far.

“Prosecutor Lester Blizzard went from court to court signing forms rescheduling the women for later court dates. He declined to answer questions about the case saying the investigation is on-going. At a news conference earlier this week, he said he expects more arrests.”

As for Wallis, the United Airlines pilot by day and alleged pimp by night, was keen on bragging about his shady business before being charged. New York Daily News reported on the pilot’s manner of boasting about his activity, according to court documents.

“When he wasn’t flying the friendly skies, Wallis went by ‘Bruno’ and bragged about his ability to crush rivals and coax young women into sex work, according to court docs. He allegedly toted a 9mm pistol with him while making rounds at his brothels. In a text to one sex worker that is cited in court records, Wallis said he had ‘fixed’ a pimp who was trying to lure her to his competing business.”

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