October 7, 2018
'General Hospital' Spoilers: JaSam Reunion Is Interrupted, Alexis Gets A Shock

On Friday's General Hospital, Jason and Sam started out with a little Lego building, but it turned into the start of a steamy reunion between the two. However, JaSam fans may just have to wait a little longer before this couple is officially back together.

A new General Hospital sneak peek into Monday's episode is out. It looks like someone is about to get a little shock and a lot embarrassed. That person is Alexis Davis who walks in on her daughter and her ex-son-in-law on the couch in a compromising position. They quickly recover as Sam's mom opens the door.

Cliffhanger Friday had Jason and Sam bonding together over Legos trying to build a castle for Danny. They were left alone and having some fun, even getting playful with each other. Just as Jason was getting ready to leave, Sam gave him a peck on the cheek, which then turned into more.

Sam has taken plenty of time to figure out exactly what she wants. JaSam fans are tired of waiting for the reunion. It seems like a given that these two will eventually make their way back to each other, but there are certainly no guarantees in the world of soaps.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday that were put out by SheKnows Soaps says that Sam is expected to make a bold move of some kind. That could mean that she has made her choice to be with Jason forever. Or it may have something to do with Alexis barging into her apartment.

Alexis just walked right in on them, but she had no idea that her daughter would be having a romantic tryst in her living room. Kristina is living with Sam and could have done the same thing. The difference is that Kristina would be thrilled that her sister and Jason are back together. Alexis, on the other hand, will probably give Sam advice on going back to the mob life. You know how Alexis loves to give advice to her children.

There were previous rumors that said it was Drew who interrupts JaSam as he needed to talk to someone about his situation with Oscar. That could still happen possibly after Alexis leaves. As for Jason, spoilers hint that he wants to take things a little slower for now. It has been a few months since Sam chose to go it alone. The tables may be turned now that Sam may be ready but Jason may not be.

Tune in to General Hospital on Monday to see Alexis' reaction to walking in on Jason and Sam.