McDonald’s Curly Fries… They Exist, But Probably Not In Your Neighborhood

McDonald’s curly fries are, at first glance, seem like something you could probably see appearing on the menu for a limited time. Unfortunately the fries, while on-brand and compelling to consider aren’t likely available in your market. Like McDonald’s lobster rolls in Maine, McDonald’s curly fries are not available in nearly all McDonald’s joints worldwide — but lucky McDonald’s diners in the Phillipines get to sample the newfangled fries for a short span of time.

McDonald’s curly fries, like many of their cult items, has developed a bit of a following despite its limited market — very limited, when compared with other fan favorites like the Shamrock Shake or the McRib. But McDonald’s new fries could end up have a larger appeal than other rare McDonald’s limited time features due to the fact that pretty much everyone who goes to McDonald’s is a fan of the chain’s iconic and inimitable fries.

(Although, an argument can be made that people will be loathe to accept new McDonald’s fries even if they are McDonald’s curly fries.)

Fans in the Philippines of McDonald’s curly fries have even started a Facebook page to talk about their beloved, limited time side-dish, and comments like these abound:

“Heavy Rains + Ice Cold Coke + Mcdonald’s Twister Fries = HAPPINESS!”

Twister Fries, please Don’t GO! Like and share this page guys!”

Alas, all indications are that McDonald’s curly fries, or Twister Fries, as they are known in their home country, have no plans to make a trip stateside at any time in the near future. Do you have a favorite limited time menu item at a national fast food chain?

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