WWE News: Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, And Doc Gallows To Debut At ‘WWE RAW’ This Monday?

WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor has made quite a name for himself ever since joining WWE. Most assumed this would happen, as he did the same thing in Japan for years. As Prince Devitt, he founded The Bullet Club, one of the most popular factions in pro-wrestling these days. He worked for NJPW, a popular company in Japan, where he was quite successful. He won multiple Junior Heavyweight Championships and was able to hang on to some for a while due to help from his brothers in black.

Balor worked as a heel there for a while and was quite good at coming off as the bad guy. Fans loved him across the world, so everyone knew a WWE run was eventually going to happen. He was hesitant to come in, now he’s happy that he made the jump, which is always good to see. But what of his brothers? WWE felt that they were worthy of signing as well, which is why both Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows are now signed with WWE.

The only question for most fans was when they would debut. Multiple outlets claimed that both Anderson and Gallows were not signed to work WWE NXT, but rather they were signed to work on the main roster immediately. That means the moment we saw them, we would see Finn Balor. That is a big deal, as the three of them forming the Balor Club, Bulletproof, or whatever name WWE comes up with, could change the face of WWE for the near future.

Anderson Gallows

WWE attempted to buy the Bullet Club name from NJPW, which rubbed people the wrong way, and they were not successful. That said, we can expect WWE to have a new name ready. Hopefully, it isn’t a crazy one that people hate. The question still remains, however, when is the perfect time to debut them? According to PWInsider,, Gallows and Anderson are in town and will be backstage for WrestleMania 32. However, there is no guarantee this means anything.

Finn Balor is, of course, in the area, because he will be working WWE NXT Takeover: Dallas tomorrow night. Anderson and Gallows are scheduled to be on WWE RAW this week, which means Balor will make his main roster debut too. With all three in Dallas, though, there are rumors that they will all get involved in WrestleMania 32 in some capacity.

There have been rumors of the three of them helping Shane McMahon beat The Undertaker in possibly the biggest match on the card. Many fans believe it will main event the show, but that is uncertain. It would be quite a debut as well, as Balor and his group would have to essentially end Undertaker’s career. This would be big for them and give Shane McMahon his own personal group, just as The Authority had people in their group.

Finn Balor NXT

Triple H put all of his hope on Seth Rollins for the future, which made him the top heel by proxy. Having Balor be this in a babyface role for Shane McMahon could very well elevate him instantly. Plus, what a debut to make. Ending perhaps the most illustrious career in all of WWE, and at WrestleMania on top of it, things don’t get any bigger for someone’s debut. The problem is that many fans would both hate and love this.

They would love to see Balor Club take down Undertaker to help Shane McMahon facilitate change in WWE. However, that also comes with the end of Undertaker’s WrestleMania career if nothing else. It would certainly be bittersweet for WWE fans to see. Of course, there are other possibilities for Finn Balor and his club at WrestleMania. Most fans believe that the rumors of Balor debuting at WrestleMania are a bit bogus, though.

The reason is because most feel that it would be smarter to have them debut on WWE RAW for the hot crowd there in a role that would allow the group to shine without making them heels right away. The debut of Finn Balor and the club is certainly highly anticipated, so whenever they do it, the fans will be all for seeing them.

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