Mentally Ill Chinese Teacher Stripped Naked In School Yard To Rape Teenage Student, Horrified Classmates Watch Helplessly

A 30-year-old teacher in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in South China stripped naked in a schoolyard and attempted to rape a female teenage student while horrified classmates watched helplessly. The teacher, who was identified only as Hou, is a laboratory caretaker at Taiping High School and has a history of mental illness.

According to Metro, the teacher stripped out of his clothing and rushed into the schoolyard, where he assaulted the teenage girl, pinning her against the wall in an effort to rape her. Classmates, horrified and unaware of what they should do, watched helplessly as the young girl was assaulted. Police were called, and Hou was apprehended before the teenage girl could be seriously harmed. Although there was no physical trauma to the young girl, there was mental trauma.

According to the police, Hou has suffered from mental disorders since at least 2011.

“The suspect appears to have been suffering from mental disorders since 2011, but doctors said he would have been fine if the illness had not returned in two years.”

Despite doctor’s treatments, it appears as though Hou’s condition has returned. At this time, he will be under the evaluation of a psychiatrist.

As a result of previous episodes of mental illness, Hou has not been able to teach classes for the last five years, according to the Daily Mail. Instead, he has been assigned as a laboratory caretaker. However, over the course of the last five years, Hou has shown great improvement and has performed his duties in a manner which has shown he has been well, revealing no signs of mental illness. His attack upon the teenage girl is a shock to everyone at the school.

The case is currently under investigation, and Hou is expected to receive the medical help he needs to live a normal life. It is unknown whether he will face charges for the attempted rape and assault. At this time, there is no mention of jail time or other punishment. It is also unknown whether he will continue to work for the school, or if he will be relieved of is duties.

Police reassured the media that the young girl, although traumatized, was not harmed during the assault and is expected to recover from the ordeal.

The specific details of what type of mental illness Hou was previously diagnosed with has not been revealed, nor is it clear whether Hou was on medication to alleviate his symptoms.

Mental illness in China is a serious issue that has not been properly addressed in the past. According to the Japan Times, approximately 173 million Chinese have a mental health disorder. It is estimated that nearly 150 million of those individuals have never been properly diagnosed or treated. In addition to the outrageous number of mentally ill individuals, the number of psychologists is quite low. As one doctor put it, there are very few psychiatrists or psychologist available in relation to the whole of China’s population.

“We are like pandas. There are only a few thousand of us.”

An effort is being made to increase the number of psychiatrists and psychologists in China, but the demand is simply not being met. As an alternative, trained counselors are being brought in to assist with issues like minor depression, which will allow psychiatrists and psychologists to focus on more serious matters within the country.

A lack of mental health facilities is also an issue, leaving many mentally ill Chinese people with no place to go for help.

It is unknown if Hou’s condition was pushed aside due to lack of professional help in his area, or if his doctor felt his issues would actually diminish after two years of no sign of mental illness.

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