Allen Troy Brooks Arrested After Calling 911 To Take Him On A Beer Run

When you’re out of beer and need a ride to get some, who you gonna’ call?

Not 911.

Allen Troy Brooks, a resident of Columbia, Tennessee, was arrested Saturday after he called 911 emergency dispatch at least nine times. Most of the times he called he hang up when someone answered but one emergency dispatcher said that on at least one call he asked if the police could send someone by his house to take him on a beer run.

The Columbia Daily Herald reported that the 67-year-old was drunk at the time and that he didn’t really know what he was doing.

Police Officer Seneca Shield said that when he arrived on the scene and confronted Brooks he told the drunk man that if he cooperated and stopped calling 911 he would only be given a citation as opposed to being arrested. Unfortunately for Brooks, he decided to deny making the calls and claimed it could even have been him because he doesn’t own a telephone. Seneca had no choice but to place Brooks under arrest and charged with making 911 calls in a non-emergency situation. He was released on bond.

A phone number for Brooks was listed as out of service as of Monday. Also as of Monday, no attorney was listed on record as representing Brooks.

Tennessee officials have reported a ton of really ridiculous crimes this year, which begs the question. Does Tennessee have a more ridiculous population of criminals or do theirs just get caught more? The world has yet to decide.

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