Donald Trump Polls: Trump Viewed Unfavorably By 85 Percent Of Latinos, 80 Percent Of Millennials

Donald Trump is reaching an all-time low in general election polls, with his numbers nearing rock bottom among women, Latinos, and young voters — and there could be more immediate trouble as well.

The GOP front-runner since the moment he entered the race, Trump has run into his fiercest opposition yet as his political opponents and conservative insiders have teamed up to chip away at his popularity. The attacks, combined with a series of gaffes from Trump, have led to significant drops among women and minority voters, creating what experts say could be an uphill battle against Hillary Clinton in November.

Vox noted that polls this early aren’t always a great indicator of what will happen in the general election, but the site found some troubling signs for Donald Trump.

“But as the election year goes on, voters get more serious. One of the key dynamics Wlezien and Erikson describe in their book is that ‘the campaign brings the fundamentals [of the election] to the voters.’ Rather than simply deciding between two names on a list, many voters begin to incorporate how they feel about things like the incumbent’s job performance and the state of the economy into their decision-making.

“Meanwhile, perceptions of the candidates themselves harden. This is what seems to be hurting Trump at the moment, since a sizable majority of voters view him unfavorably, and his GOP rivals aren’t similarly declining in the polls — Ted Cruz’s performance against Clinton has remained constant, and John Kasich’s has even improved. So the poll change seems to indicate Trump’s personal weakness, not any strength from Democrats in general.”

Donald Trump could also be running into trouble in the Republican primary. The conservative movement to deny Trump the Republican nomination has been gaining steam. Trump took a major hit this week in Wisconsin, where influential talk radio host Charlie Sykes called him out.

Sykes chided Trump for tweeting a picture that made fun of the looks of Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, and tried to get Trump to declare that wives and families would be off-limits.

“You know, wouldn’t it be a good way to start off your Wisconsin campaign by saying that wives should be off limits, and apologize for mocking [Heidi Cruz’s] looks?” the Radio 620 WTMJ host asked Trump.

But Donald Trump blamed Ted Cruz, who Trump believed was responsible for an ad that showed naked modeling pictures of Trump’s wife, Melania, a charge Cruz has denied. Sykes took Trump to task for it.

“So is this your standard — if the supporter of a candidate and not the candidate himself does something despicable, then it’s OK for you personally, the candidate for president of the United States, to behave in that same way?” Sykes responded. “I mean, I expect that from a 12-year-old bully on the playground, not somebody wanting the office held by Abraham Lincoln.”

There are signs that the hits are taking a toll on Donald Trump. A new poll in Wisconsin shows that Cruz has surged into the lead with a 10-percentage point advantage over Trump for Tuesday’s primary.

As the New York Times noted, a loss in Wisconsin could be a turning point for Trump.

“If Mr. Trump is dealt a setback in the Wisconsin primary, including a potential sweep by Mr. Cruz of all 42 delegates, it would be his most prominent reversal since his second-place finish in the Iowa caucuses in February. And it would show Mr. Trump’s vulnerability before the race moves to New York and other Northeastern states.

“The state’s Republican establishment, cohesive and battle-tested after years of partisan warfare under Mr. Walker, has dug in to support Mr. Cruz — not out of true love for the Texas senator, but in a marriage of convenience to halt Mr. Trump, whose temperament and conservatism many doubt.”

But a poor performance in Wisconsin — even a loss — wouldn’t necessarily be the end for Donald Trump. Polls from his home state of New York show that Trump is solidly in the lead and would be in for a huge delegate haul, one that would negate any losses in Wisconsin.

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