Halle Berry & Gronk Join Instagram In Showstopping Debut

Instagram got two new users this week when Halle Berry and Rob Gronkowski joined the platform, and both did so in an epic manner. The platform caused a bit of a stir two days ago when they announced that they were changing their algorithm. This sort of change seems to be a common theme, since Twitter also gave a similar announcement a few weeks ago. Currently, Instagram users look at their feeds in a reverse chronological order, the newest posts from the people you follow are at the top of your screen. The New York Times reported that the new “Instagram is likely to present photos and videos based on how inclined you are to be interested in them.” So if you like every single one of the pictures that Rob Gronkowski posts, you’re going to be seeing a lot of stuff from him on your feed, even if it was posted a few hours before you checked your app.

Gronkowski, or Gronk, is a tight end for the New England Patriots, and him joining Instagram is important because the Gronk is known as a bit of a playboy. By “a bit,” it’s meant that this guy is the definition of “playboy.” He got a lot of people talking during his second year in the NFL when he posed for a photo with adult film actress Bibi Jones.

Basically, a lot of people view Rob Gronkowski as a lovable kid in the body of a massive pro-football player. He’s got a big, goofy grin, and he always seems to be having a great time. His Instagram debut was just another example of that. Gronk used a sort of Snapchat-styled story that could be entitled “A Day in the Life,” and it’s certainly worth a view or two. GQ recently did an article entitled “15 Things We’ll Inevitably See On Rob Gronkowski’s New Instagram.” The list included “Gronk will give someone a lap dance,” “Gronk will have a picture taken down for female nudity,” and “Gronk will take a selfie with his dad and include the caption ‘The original Gronk.’ ” According to FoxSports, he garnered “263,000 followers in his first four minutes on Instagram.”

Halle Berry, 49, got started on Instagram on a sort of hipster-styled picture that shows her from the back. The Hollywood Reporter stated that “the actress’s very first post checks all the boxes of like-worthy Instagram criteria: effortlessly messy hair; subtle jewelry; partial nudity that isn’t overtly sexy; bamboo stalks.” Berry is slated to appear in the second Kingsmen film, which is expected to hit the theaters in 2017 and is entitled Kingsmen: The Golden Circle.

Berry has 10.3k followers after her first day on Instagram, while Rob Gronkowski currently has a whopping 655k people following him. These might seem like big numbers, but Kim Kardashian, who’s pretty much the Queen of Instagram, has 65.6 million followers. Kardashian has used the platform to market herself in an incredibly successful way — it seems that whenever the spotlight shifts off her, she posts something risqué. Yesterday Kim posted a topless picture with model/actress Emily Ratajkowski, who has 5.6 million followers.

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]

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