Kim Kardashian And Emily Ratajkowski Nude Selfie Heats Up The Internet

Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski’s nude selfie is burning up the internet. The two gorgeous women have just gone to a whole other level of intense with the naked selfie meme that Kim started last month.

Kardashian’s selfie set off a tsunami of celebrity support after the initial backlash of criticism. Even Kim’s long-time arch-rival Amber Rose spoke out for Kim and invited the reality star to her next slut walk. Now, Kim’s recruited her friend, and hot model, Ratajkowski to double the fun with a twin “naked bathroom selfie.”

Kardashian and Ratajkowski weren’t totally naked in the selfie pic that shows them both reflected in the bathroom mirror, but the overall effect is hot, hot, hot. Kim wears one of her trademark, body-hugging black skirts, while Emily radiates sexiness in worn slim-fitting blue jeans. They are both topless, looking at the camera phone and raising their middle fingers to viewers. GQ magazine reports that, despite the toplessness, Kim and Emily avoided any ” hint of ‘Free The Nipple'” by blacking out their breasts with the same censorship bars Kim used in her original “polemic” selfie.

Some fans wonder why Kim bothers to cover her nipples when the whole world has already seen a lot more than that in the infamous Kardashian sex-tape.

Both Kardashian and Ratajkowski posted the selfie to their social media accounts, and Emily took a moment to get serious with a statement about women’s freedom to choose their own expressions of sexuality.

“However sexual our bodies may be, we need to have the freedom as women to choose when & how we express our sexuality,”

Ratajkowski had lots more to say on the subject, and followed up with several more tweets about “sharing undressed images.”

Kim decided to keep her comments light and contented herself with just making a joke about having nothing to wear.

The controversy over Kim’s nude selfie meme just keeps on raging. UK celebrity and Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan had some pithy things to say the first time around, and he didn’t hold back this time either. The Huffington Post reports that Kim’s new foray into posting nude pics didn’t impress the Good Morning Britain presenter one bit. When he saw the pic of Kardashian and Ratajkowski, Morgan hit back hard with his own tweet about the death of feminism. With the caption, “RIP feminism,” Piers tweeted a photo of suffragette Emily Pankhurst side by side with Kim and Emily’s nude selfie.

Fans responded to Morgan’s dis, but he stuck to his opinion, calling the nude photo “tacky” and posting a photo of himself with Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. “Happier, more tasteful days,” he tweeted.

There are always haters, but lots of Kardashian fans love what Kim and Emily did.

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