Elizabeth Warren Refuses to Choose Between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren is undeniably a well-known name when it comes to Democratic senators, so you’d expect her voice to be a fairly vocal one in the Democratic primary campaign. However, Elizabeth Warren has consistently resisted endorsing either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders for the top job. That didn’t stop Stephen Colbert from pushing Warren to choose. However, the senator persisted and instead pushed on discussing the dangers of a Donald Trump presidency.

According to the Daily Beast, Elizabeth Warren’s appearance on Stephen Colbert’s show was sure to see him push for her endorsement. The interview opened with almost immediate questioning from the host about Elizabeth Warren’s views of the Democratic primary process so far.

Colbert quizzed Warren over whether she was surprised with Bernie Sanders’ success and his ability to steal a large portion of the vote away from Hillary Clinton. However, Warren provided a somewhat flaky answer in return, saying that Sanders and Clinton are both “people who work hard, who play by the rules”. She went on to express that, in her opinion, both of the Democratic candidates were making an effective case for the nomination, making it incredibly clear that she wouldn’t be endorsing either candidate at this time.

Stephen Colbert also used the opportunity to question Elizabeth Warren over her decision not to run for the nomination herself. As reported by Fortune, Colbert pressed Warren for an announcement of her candidacy back in September 2015, however, the senator has persistently declined to run. In her interview this time around, Colbert asked Warren if she had any regrets over her decision not to run for the candidacy, with Colbert describing Warren as the “combo platter” of the two candidates. However, Elizabeth Warren went on to stress that she’s more than happy in her current job as a senator representing the state of Massachusetts.

Further in the interview, Elizabeth Warren was on more comfortable ground when Colbert gave her the opportunity to provide her views on Trump. Colbert quizzed Warren over her and Trump’s shared views on Wall Street. However, they were claims that the senator quickly cast aside. Warren made her views of Trump incredibly clear.

“Donald Trump is looking out for exactly one guy, and that guy’s name is Donald Trump.”

While still continuing to refrain from endorsing either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren made it clear that she would be endorsing whoever wins the nomination. With that taken into consideration, it looks likely that we’ll have to wait until after the 2016 Democratic National Convention in July for Warren’s endorsement. That being said, it looks like we’ll never know for certain who Warren is really backing to lead her party into the upcoming presidential election.

Elizabeth Warren at the Washington Ideas Forum
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Elizabeth Warren is undeniably a name that many within the Democratic party trust, and her endorsement of either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton could mean a big deal for their candidacy. With that in mind, there are also those within the party who are disappointed that Warren herself decided not to run. As Colbert pointed, Warren is believed to hold something of the center ground within the Democratic party, a candidacy which would likely be able to pick up votes from both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders’ ends of the spectrum.

All eyes are now on the upcoming Democratic primary elections that will decide exactly who will have the party’s nomination in the upcoming presidential election. When that announcement comes out, we’d more than expect for senior party figures, including Elizabeth Warren to throw their full support behind the candidate chosen by the Democrats.

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