Ben Affleck Has Already Written A Script For His Batman Standalone Project

Ben Affleck gave a solid performance as Batman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Despite all the negative reviews the movie received this week, Affleck’s portrayal of his character was one of the better points of the film.

For Batman fans who want to see the actor return as the beloved cape crusader, we have good news! Affleck is set to return as Batman in the Justice League films!

William Morris Endeavor co-CEO Patrick Whitesell revealed to The Hollywood Reporter how many movies the actor has signed on for as Batman with Warner Bros. “He’s contracted to do at least Justice League [Part] One and Two, so, at least, three times wearing the cape,” Whitesell said.

The actor is also said to be planning on doing a solo Batman feature, but it is still unknown when it will start filming. Whitesell revealed that the award-winning actor and director has already written a script for a solo Batman movie. “There’s a script that he’s written that is a cool [Batman] idea, so that’s out there as an option,” White divulged.

There have been talks about a standalone Batman film since last year, and it looks like it is finally becoming a reality. Last year, gossip site The Hollywood Reporter announced that Ben Affleck was developing a solo Batman movie alongside DC Entertainment chief creative officer Geoff Johns. Affleck is reportedly set to direct and star in the project, but no other details were provided regarding the planned movie.

The actor reportedly confirmed to EW that the project is “in development,” but it may take a long time before we can see an Affleck-written Batman movie on the big screen. The 43-year-old Dawn of Justice actor is currently focused on his film adaptation of the Dennis Lehane thriller Live by Night, which is in its post-production stage. The actor/director is also gearing up for the first installment of the Justice League movies, which will start filming in two weeks.

“I tend to be a one-movie-at-a-time guy,” the award-winning actor said. “So, when I’m finished with this movie, I’ll then focus on my next movie and figure out what that will be.”

It may look like his crazy schedule will not let him work on a solo Batman film, but there is still hope. Justice League Part Two will not be released until 2019, and according to recent reports, it will be shot separately from the Justice League movie, so it is still possible for Ben Affleck to focus on a Batman spinoff next year.

Many fans are getting excited to see what Affleck could bring to the new Batman movie. He has already proven himself when it comes to working behind the scenes. In 2012, the Hollywood star directed the political thriller, Argo. Though he did not win the Best Director award for the film, it won Best Picture at the Oscars. Ben Affleck co-wrote the 1997 drama film Good Will Hunting, which won an Oscars award for Best Writing. The actor also wrote the scripts for The Town and Gone Baby Gone.

Since Justice League is set for release in 2017, fans will have to wait for Suicide Squad, where Affleck’s Batman will make a cameo appearance. That is right! Ben Affleck will wear his cape once again in the highly anticipated DC movie in August.

Suicide Squad will feature several DC comic book villains such as The Joker (Jared Leto), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Deadshot (Will Smith), and Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) as lead characters. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on August 5.

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