Watch Bernie Sanders Rally In Pittsburgh Live Online: Streaming Video, Full Replay Of Thursday’s Rally

Viewers can watch the Bernie Sanders rally from Pittsburgh live online and see if a giant crowd in the Steel City can help the Sanders campaign carry on the momentum from last week’s big victories.

Sanders closed the gap on Hillary Clinton over the weekend with big wins in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. He now hopes to continue the winning streak next week in an important contest in Wisconsin, but Sanders is also looking forward next month to the delegate-rich Pennsylvania, where he may be able to make up even more ground on Clinton.

The rally in Pittsburgh will be held at 1o:30 a.m. ET from the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Live streaming video of the rally can be found below.

Those who watch the Bernie Sanders rally in Pittsburgh live online will see the Vermont Senator taking a brief break from his tilt through Wisconsin, which votes next Tuesday. He hosted events in three cities, making the case that he is the strongest candidate the Democrats can offer.

He has also told voters that Hillary Clinton’s support of NAFTA hurt American workers, an argument he will likely use in Rust Belt Pennsylvania as well.

“Over the last 30, 40 years, we have had trade policies in this country written by corporate America, and what they have been designed to do is to allow companies to shut down plants in Vermont, in Wisconsin and all over this country because they don’t want to pay workers here $15, $20, $25 an hour,” Sanders said at a Wisconsin rally this week (via The New York Times). “They don’t want to pay them a living wage. They don’t want to protect environmental rules. They don’t want to deal with unions. They’d rather move to Mexico or China, pay people pennies an hour.”

The message seems to be gaining traction in Wisconsin. While Clinton once held a large lead there, a new poll shows Sanders ahead by four points.

But Bernie Sanders could have his work cut out for him in Pennsylvania. The state’s demographics favor Hillary Clinton, and recent polling suggests that she is very strong in the Keystone State, both against Sanders and potential Republican rivals in November.

PennLive noted that Clinton is cutting into Sanders’ argument that he will be the strongest candidate to face Donald Trump in November.

“With the party nominations yet to be decided, Democrat Hillary Clinton beats Republican Donald Trump 46 percent to 33 percent in a hypothetical head-to-head match up, according to a new Franklin & Marshall College poll out Thursday.”

“Clinton also bests Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who’s trying to catch Trump in the nominating race, 45 percent to 35 percent in the new poll.”

“Already commanding a hefty lead in the fight for delegates, the former Secretary of State also bests her rival for the Democratic nomination, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, 55 to 28 percent.”

In order to have a decent chance of catching Hillary Clinton, Sanders may need to flip the numbers in Pennsylvania. In an analysis of Sanders’ path to winning the nomination, FiveThirtyEight‘s Nate Silver noted that Sanders will need to win roughly 101 of Pennsylvania’s 189 delegates. That would mean Sanders winning the popular vote by seven points.

To do so, Sanders said he will need to drum up a big turnout.

“We will win if the voter turnout is high. We will lose if the voter turnout is low,” Sanders said at his rally in Madison, Wisconsin, a message he has emphasized often. “And I am asking that all of those people who have given up on the political process, who have turned their backs on politics and no longer vote, please come out. And I am asking the young people who maybe have never voted in their lives to please come out.”

Those who miss the live streaming video of the Bernie Sanders rally in Pittsburgh can watch the full replay at the embedded video above.

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