D’Angelo Russell Banned From NBA? Hoax Alert Likely

D’Angelo Russell could be banned from the NBA for his now-infamous video, which featured D’Angelo talking to Nick Young, as reported by The Inquisitr. According to Huzlers, which could be simply publishing a sensational story, Russell might not just be kicked off the Los Angeles Lakers — but D’Angelo could be banned from the NBA due to violating the privacy of a fellow ball player. The report seems extreme to ban D’Angelo from the NBA, but that is what the Huzlers publication is claiming — not ESPN or Deadspin or other sports websites as of this writing.

Russell is a point guard with the Lakers who went viral in a bad way when D’Angelo took video of Nick Young, fiance of Iggy Azalea, as Nick admitted to sleeping with a 19-year-old. The video was reportedly posted to Snapchat by Russell. As a result, D’Angelo faced the ire of his team, who refused to sit next to Russell at a breakfast meeting. D’Angelo can be seen in the above photo, as he got ready to face the Miami Heat with his team on Wednesday, March 30, in Los Angeles.

According to Lead Stories, the article titled “D’Angelo Russell To Be Banned From The NBA For Disregarding Player Privacy” quickly received 250 Facebook shares in about 30 minutes. Already, on Facebook and other social media sites, folks are reacting to the news — without validation that Russell is really being banned from the NBA.

Again, it seems extreme to ban a basketball player from playing for any team in the NBA for secretly recording a video, as damning and damaging as it might have been. However, with the Huzlers website claiming that the NBA came out with an announcement that D’Angelo would be permanently banned from the NBA, it seems likely that the news about a ban from the NBA for Russell would come from other sources.

Russell apologized for the video, and said he was “sick” over it, as reported by Rolling Stone, but that hasn’t stopped folks from joking around about D’Angelo on Facebook.

Was D’angelo Russell introduced as the starting point guard or lead camera man?

Nick Young just made a steal and D’Angelo Russell called a timeout to snitch on him.

At the Lakers game… Booing D’Angelo Russell!

Unfortunate situation. These same Laker fans who are crucifying this young kid now were the same ones calling Kobe a snitch regarding Shaq during his 2004 trial. Winning cures everything lol. BUT with that being said, as a man if any of my ‘boys’ EVER ratted me by putting my business out on the street regarding my personal ‘love life’, you sir will be clapped. The?#?BroCode? is real.

The publication claims that D’Angelo will join other folks who’ve experienced bans from the NBA, with Russell joining the likes of Donald Sterling. It went on to write that D’Angelo will be forced to play basketball overseas if Russell wants to continue his basketball career.

While some folks are trying to figure out on social media if D’Angelo is really banned from the NBA, others are posting that they think Russell deserves to be banned. Still others call for grace for D’Angelo, realizing the rookie player is young and made a mistake.

Iggy, meanwhile, noted that she liked Russell’s video, no doubt because it gave her a confession that her 30-year-old fiance would have never likely said to her face. Young admitted to sleeping with a 19-year-old during the timeframe when Young was with Iggy. Iggy and Nick postponed their wedding, according to the Source, which could have been fallout from the drama, or due to her touring schedule.

D’Angelo’s video was recorded months ago — with Russell not sure how it made it to the public, so therefore, it might not have originated as a Snapchat Story after all.

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