Iggy Azalea Likes D’Angelo Russell’s Nick Young Video — Watch 30-Year-Old Nick Confess To Sex With 19-Year-Old [Video]

Iggy Azalea professed that she liked a video of her boyfriend Nick Young, 30, as Nick confesses to hooking up with a 19-year-old woman over the summer. On Twitter, Azalea tweeted that she noticed D’Angelo Russell was a trending topic on Twitter and wrote that she liked D’Angelo’s video. That’s because Russell likely helped Iggy understand the kind of boyfriend she’s dealing with due to the contents of the below video. It’s a video that has D’Angelo’s teammates freezing him out and causing all kinds of memes about “snitching” and breaking the “bro code” to appear online.

The fact that Iggy and Nick postponed their wedding, as reported by the Source, could be related to more than the excuse that Iggy has to go on tour. In D’Angelo’s secretly recorded video of Young, Nick confesses to messing around with a 19-year-old that he met in the club when he was 30. Young plays for the Lakers, as both a shooting guard and small forward. With Nick’s birthdate being June 1, 1985, that pegs him as currently 30 years of age.

Meanwhile, D’Angelo’s age is being held up as one of the reasons why Russell, a point guard and shooting guard for the Lakers, would throw his teammate under the bus and record such a shocking confession. D’Angelo’s birthdate is February 23, 1996, which makes Russell 20 years of age, and with D’Angelo’s $5 million or more salary in 2015, he is being pegged as having the maturity of a 14-year-old.

It’s age that came into play when D’Angelo and Nick had their now famous conversation in the viral video.

“How old was you? You was 30, she was 19? This summer?”

“Stop lying! I swear, man.”

“Happened in the club s***”

“What about Amber Rose — you ain’t never tried?”

“Naw, she’s my girl. You know my girl.”

According to ESPN, Russell’s video of Nick is causing him to be “iced out” by the rest of the Lakers due to D’Angelo outing Nick as a cheater via video.

Kobe Bryant was waving to the crowd during his goodbye season, but D’Angelo was experiencing a lack of trust from his Lakers teammates. Because Russell reportedly recorded Nick via a video that Young likely didn’t realize was being created, Russell is experiencing backlash.

No one knows how the D’Angelo video of Nick made it onto social media, but with the video exposing Young confessing to cheating on Iggy with other women, it isn’t sitting well with other men who likely fear that Nick is making videos of them as well. Azalea got engaged to Nick in June 2015.

After Nick’s video hit social media, the Lakers lost by 48 points to the Utah Jazz on Monday evening. Russell apparently was pranking Young when he created the video, and it’s not known if someone else took the video off of Russell’s phone and sold it to the press. However, the fallout is something Young is likely hoping will pass soon.

During a breakfast meeting, Russell sat alone. The trust in D’Angelo has eroded — even if Russell eventually admitted to Nick that he was recording Young in the video.

“I’m glad you told my video all that.”


In the video, Young doesn’t understand what Russell is talking about, but Nick looks toward D’Angelo and then the video shuts down. Nick has been suffering from a case of gastroenteritis, says the team, and hasn’t traveled with them to Salt Lake City. He has missed 10 games.

Meanwhile, people are reacting to Iggy’s viral tweet.

“He is a little 19 year old kid man… But he messed up! Ray Lewis killed ppl and we love him!”

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