British Woman In A Critical Condition After 65ft Plunge From Cliff During A Climbing Trip Highlighting Safety Concerns in Spain [Video]

A British tourist has been left in a critical condition after falling 65 feet from a cliff in Spain on Easter Monday, according to the Mirror. The 39-year-old woman was on a group climbing trip along the s’Estret in Valldemosa, Mallorca, a popular spot for thrill-seeking tourists looking to scale the cliffs, when she fell.

Local IB3 reported that the British tourist is in “critical condition” and was rushed to Son Espases hospital with a serious head injury, severe cuts, various fractures, and a number of open breaks to one of her legs.

The British woman, who is yet to be named, was found unconscious by emergency services after she suffered a problem with the knots on her rope and fell to the ground below. She is now fighting for her life.

The local police of Valldemosa, the fire service, and the Guardia Civil mountain rescue team were involved in the rescue but were slow to reach the woman due to the remoteness of the location were she fell. The rescue was complicated because the victim fell into a wooded area which was impossible to get to by car. Rescuers were forced to use ropes and stretchers to get her back to flat land, before she was rushed to a hospital.

A full investigation is currently underway as to why the climber fell and if the ropes not being secured properly was the cause.

The British tourist falling from the cliffs in Spain has happened less than a year after another girl plummeted to her death due to faulty ropes.

A 17-year-old Dutch tourist died in a bungee jump accident from a bridge in northern Spain in August last year. The girl plummeted 131 feet and landed in a dry river bed, in the town of Cabezon de la Sal in Cantabria.

The teenage girl had gone camping with a group of friends and young people from the local town, all of them witnessed the girl fall to her death. It was later discovered that she fell because her ropes were not secured properly.

The death of the 17-year-old Dutch tourist was the second female tourist death from bungee jumping to happen in 2015 in Spain. Another tragic death bungee jumping death happened in July of 2015.

Kleyo de Abreu, 23, from London, was killed instantly after she plunged off a bridge near the mountain village of Lanjaron in Spain. Miss de Abreu was on her second bungee jump of the day when the accident occurred. The two deaths of two young women so closely together along with the British tourist who is in a critical condition has created concerns about the safety precautions being taken with popular and dangerous activities across Spain.

A spokesman for the Guardia Civil in Granada said in both bungee jump cases the person who tied the girls in for the jump is accused of negligent homicide along with the owner of the firms that organised the bungee jumps.

The British tourist in critical condition and the two instant deaths of tourists in Spain across the past two years highlights the safety failures especially when it comes to ropes but also general safety.

In late 2014 another young women died after plummeting off a bridge in Spain but this time it was trying to take the perfect selfie. The women identified as Sylwia Rajchel fell off the top of the Puente de Triana bridge in the southern Spanish city of Seville.

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