Donald Trump Abortion Backlash: #WontBePunished Goes Viral

Did Donald Trump finally find — and cross — a line of what is too offensive, even for some of his supporters? Trump found himself backtracking on his most recent controversial comment that women who have abortions should be punished, but unfortunately for Trump, the damage was already done.

Thousands took to Twitter to express their anger, not only at his harsh words aimed at women, but his vague answers in an interview with MSNBC‘s Chris Matthews where he appeared to have done little or no research into the issue and refused to give a straight answer on exactly how women should be punished. The only straight answers he gave were that women should be punished for abortions, but the men that get them pregnant should not be held responsible and included in any punishment.

When Donald Trump finally breaks down and backtracks on one of his outrageous comments, you know things have gotten serious.

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Trump tried to dodge specific questions about what punishment should be dished out to women who have abortions by going after Matthews on his Catholic faith, challenging him as to what he would do, while Matthews kept reminding him that it was Trump running for president. Matthews also had to remind Trump several times that the government is not run by the Catholic Church or any church in this country, and while he agreed with the Catholic Church’s moral stance on abortion, Matthews said it wasn’t his right to make that determination for anyone else.

Montel Williams was one of the celebrities responding on Twitter to the interview, joining in a chorus of voices on both sides of the political fence, with even right-wing, evangelical conservative Ted Cruz saying it was wrong to punish women for abortions.

— Montel Williams (@Montel_Williams) March 30, 2016

DNC Women also jumped into the fray over punishing women for abortion.

Matthews also called out Trump on the fact that he seems to have a very specific position on pretty much everything else, but Trump claimed that he didn’t know what the punishment should be, appearing to put about as much thought into his stance on abortion as his comment about punishing women who have one.

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One tweet noted the contradiction in Republican policies that want to allow companies to exclude birth control as part of their insurance plans, based on religious beliefs, yet are against abortion.

Another comment by Trump implied that, depending on who is elected this fall and what kind of Supreme Court justices they nominated, abortion could become illegal again, which is actually correct with one of the cases coming up for review by the Supreme Court of the United States. But at this time, a woman’s right to abortion is still legally guaranteed by the decision in Roe V Wade. Some on Twitter pointed out the hypocrisy of even implying that abortion is illegal and a woman having one is committing any kind of illegal act or should be punished.

While there were a few pro-life posters using the hashtag, the comments were overwhelmingly against Donald Trump with some promising that his words would not be forgotten when it came time to go to the polls, presuming that he’s the Republican nominee, or if there is a brokered convention and he is not to the GOP nominee, he makes good on his threat to run as an Independent.

Watch Donald Trump do his best to avoid giving Chris Matthews a straight answer, even after Matthews tells him point blank that he can’t dodge the question.

Donald Trump’s numbers and approval rating were declining even before the abortion comments, but MSNBC reported today a “collapse” in his poll numbers. Did Trump finally go too far?

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