Butt Glue, Skin Lifting Tape And Other Bikini Pageant Competition Secrets Go Mainstream

Folks who’ve never heard the term “butt glue” might be surprised to learn that it’s a real product, and not something done to pull pranks on other people. According to a recent article on Bustle, written by a former Miss America winner, sometimes butt glue and fake breasts are the only things that folks associate with beauty pageant winners and contestants, but there’s so much more to learn about such events.

However, some people simply turn to the secrets of beauty pageant contestants to use in their everyday lives to help improve their own looks, and as such, various products have gone mainstream. A search for #ButtGlue on Twitter turns up various entries, such as the butt glue called Firm Grip. As seen in the product’s Amazon description, Firm Grip is touted as having multiple uses, such as letting bikini bottoms grip the skin during pageants and bodybuilding competitions. It’s also used to help pole fitness people or those who practice aerial skills keep a firm grip.

Another product that does the same thing is called Bikini Bite, which has a comparable number of reviews.

According to Cosmopolitan, folks who don’t have any butt glue on hand can try hairspray to try and get their bikini bottoms to stick, but it might not work as well as the products designed for such things. As reported by Forbes, a dancer for the New York Ballet said that butt glue made her feel much more confident.

Not only is bikini bite used to keep bikini bottoms glued in place, but it also helps glue cleavage in place, too, and keep it from falling out.

And then there are those bikini competition winners who can get creative by using other products in conjunction with the butt glue to try and add more lift to their overall body. Those who have yet to have breast lifts can slack up extra skin by using penis rings in a concentric way around their nipples, since the breast lifting tape products touted on Amazon have plenty of bad reviews. Used along with pads sewn into bikini tops, such a method can offer the type of fullness and lift needed to mimic a good and natural-looking breast enhancement job.

Other products can be repurposed and used for additional purposes other than their original purpose. Items like NeckTITE Magic, which tightens the loose skin in the front of the neck by gathering it into a super-tight taping in the back of the neck can be used beneath even the tiniest of bikinis to offer lift to the butt and correct sagging skin.

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There’s also Kinesiology Tape, which could be used for the same purposes, since tape like that is designed to stick to skin for days upon days — plus it’s waterproof.

Some products that have been plugged as beauty contestant secrets haven’t always panned out as such, like the Cuchini Camel Toe Pad seen on several reality TV shows and daytime TV talk shows. It was marketed as something that could help smooth things out down there, like sagging labia, but the reviews are mixed on that product.

As seen in the top photo above fitness contestants are seen on stage on Sunday, October 10, 2015, at the Kiev Open Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition in Kiev, Ukraine.

Other secrets such as spray tan to help muscles look more defined, “Muscle Juice” oil and sparkling jewelry to look fabulous under stage lights are some that can be copied in real life. Plus, folks who want to walk around in high heels can experience their calves and butts appear more toned and lifted.

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