Trump Claims Assaulted Reporter’s Pen Could Have Been ‘A Little Bomb’

Donald Trump backed up embattled campaign manager Corey Lewandowski at a recent CNN town hall event, saying that the reporter the man was accused of assaulting could have been carrying “a little bomb.”

During a televised town hall event on Tuesday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper questioned Trump on his continued support for his campaign manager, who has been charged with assaulting a Breitbart reporter. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the campaign manager has been charged with simple battery and has a court date set for May.

According to the CNN transcript of the event, Cooper asked Trump about the incident and how Lewandowski initially claimed that he never met or touched Fields.

“Initially your campaign said this never happened, there was no video of it. You came out and said you thought this person was, perhaps, making it up, this reporter. Lewandowski, himself, tweeted saying, I never met this reporter, I never touched this person; now the videotape shows he clearly did touch this person. Whether or not you think it was battery or not…”

Trump interrupted Cooper, saying, “Touch – I don’t know what touch means.”

Business Insider reports that the Trump campaign has changed its story regarding the alleged battery, which is what Cooper was getting at. However, Trump claims the reporter is the one who has changed her story.

According to Trump, the reporter claimed that Lewandowski tried to pull her to the ground, which was not supported by video evidence. He also suggested that she could have been carrying a dangerous object, like a bomb or a knife, at the time of her altercation with the Trump campaign manager.

“She’s grabbing me,” Trump said, describing his version of events. “He walks in to stop it. She walked through Secret Service. She had a pen in her hand, which could have been a knife, it could have been just a pen, which is very dangerous. She should not have been doing that.”

Trump’s suggestion that the reporter could have had a knife or that her pen was “very dangerous” shone a light on a tweet he made about a reporter brushing against his arm with a pen in her hand.

Fields likely underwent a Secret Service screening, like all attendees, prior to coming into contact with Trump, according to Town Hall. Trump acknowledged this at CNN’s town hall, but he still claimed that her pen could have been “a little bomb” and that the Secret Service was unhappy with that, suggesting that Lewandowski was actually just doing his job when he grabbed the reporter’s arm.

“She was grabbing me. And just so you understand, she was off base because she went through the Secret Service. She had a pen in her hand which Secret Service is not liking because they don’t know what it is, whether it’s a little bomb.”

Earlier, Trump suggested in a tweet that he might press charges against a reporter for grabbing him.

When asked by Cooper if he would actually press charges, Trump responded, “Sure! I don’t know. Maybe I should, right?”

Trump’s campaign manager is set to face his own charges of simple battery in May. What do you think about Trump’s assertion that the reporter could have been carrying a knife or a little bomb?

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