National Border Patrol Council Endorses Donald Trump For President, First-Ever Endorsement By Group During Primaries

The National Border Patrol Council has made its first-ever presidential endorsement during a primary for GOP front-runner Donald Trump. The group, which represents the nation’s Border Patrol Agents, say that they are endorsing Trump for president as they struggle with political leaders who prevent them from doing their jobs. The NBPC says that they cannot shy away from concerns over border security and the security of the men and women who serve as Border Patrol Agents. Therefore, they say they are breaking their long-standing tradition of forgoing endorsements during the presidential primary and giving their full support to Trump.

The National Border Patrol Council released an unprecedented statement regarding their endorsement of presidential candidate Donald Trump. The group says that while they typically remain quiet during presidential primaries, having never endorsed a candidate during the primaries in the past, they say that they can no longer “sit on the sidelines” while the “lives and security of the American people are at stake.” Therefore, they formally endorsed businessman Donald Trump for president.

“The NBPC has had a longstanding practice of not endorsing presidential candidates in the primaries. We will not, however, shy away from voicing our opinions as it pertains to border security and the men and women of the United States Border Patrol. As such, we are breaking with our past practice and giving our first-ever endorsement in a presidential primary. We think it is that important: if we do not secure our borders, American communities will continue to suffer at the hands of gangs, cartels and violent criminals preying on the innocent. The lives and security of the American people are at stake, and the National Border Patrol Council will not sit on the sidelines.”

The group made their Trump endorsement public on their official Twitter account while giving an interview to Breitbart about their endorsement for Trump. You can listen to the full interview about their endorsement of Trump for president below.

The group’s endorsement comes as they claim that politicians prevent them from being able to do the work they were hired for and that they expect more from elected officials. In their full statement, the National Border Patrol Council says that they “expect our elected officials to aggressively pursue the interests of the country.” The group seems to hint as to why they refuse to support Texas Senator Ted Cruz for president, as he currently represents a state with border security concerns.

“America has already tried a young, articulate freshman senator who never created a job as an attorney and under whose watch criminal cartels have been given the freest border reign ever known.”

The group claims that under the “freshman Senator,” border problems have only gotten worse. Therefore, they say it is time they stand up and support a candidate who will turn control of the border back over to the Border Control Agents. The NBPC points to the fact that Trump is not a “career politician” as to one reason he is so appealing. They note that Trump does not try to be politically correct and doesn’t fear the media making him a prime candidate for Border Patrol Agents.

“We need a person in the White House who doesn’t fear the media, who doesn’t embrace political correctness, who doesn’t need the money, who is familiar with success, who won’t bow to foreign dictators, who is pro-military and values law enforcement, and who is angry for America and NOT subservient to the interests of other nations. Donald Trump is such a man.”

What do you think about the National Border Patrol Council endorsing Donald Trump for president? Do you agree with the group’s assessment of border issues? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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