Khloe Kardashian Being Seriously Considered For The X Factor

The American version of Simon Cowell’s singing competition “The X Factor” could get a Kardashian makeover next season. TMZ is reporting that Khloe Kardashian, star of the reality television series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, is being seriously considered for a hosting gig next season. That’s great news or really, really bad news.

Sources tell the gossip website that Kardashian is on a list of six finalists for the position. Over the next two weeks, everyone will be asked to submit a screen test, Khloe included. Unless she completely blows the test — which, honestly, I can’t see happening — I’d say Kardashian is a shoe-in as host. Even if her performance is a little rough around the edges, I’m sure the ratings boost will be worth the potential wonkiness.

According to MTV News, Khloe is a pretty big fan of the series, and would jump at the opportunity to host the show. “I’ve always wanted to do hosting or talk-show hosting, so it’s definitely something that I would love to do and would be honored to do,” she explained. “To be on such a huge show like that with those judges, I would have so much fun doing that.”

Regarding Simon Cowell, Kardashian had nothing but positive things to say. “I think he’s amazing. I love personalities like that, because I’m someone who is very straightforward, and I tell it like it is. That’s what he’s doing. He just doesn’t want to blow smoke up people’s asses.”

Kardashian isn’t the only celebrity rumored to be up for the job. Also in the running are Stacy Keibler, Kelly Osbourne, Mario Lopez, Terrence J, Erin Andrews. and Mike Catherwood. If these reports are true, Khloe is facing some stiff competition for the position.

If everything shakes out in Khloe Kardashian’s favor, then she will replace former “X Factor” host Steve Jones, who is being replaced after just one season.