Mysterious Dolphin Corpse Found In Park In Landlocked Madrid [Video]

A man was walking his dogs in the Casa de Campo park in Madrid, Spain, when he made an unusual and macabre discovery – the badly decomposed body of what appears to be a dolphin.

The discovery of the badly decomposed body of the cetacean, which is most likely a dolphin, is all the more mystifying due to the fact that the capital of Spain is a totally landlocked city, located more than 300 kilometers (186 miles) from the nearest coastline.

It was the man’s dogs who tracked down the corpse on Tuesday at around 3:20 p.m., which was found lying next to a cycle path running through the park, a popular venue for dog walkers, cyclists, and joggers.

The corpse, which was completely encased in metal chicken wire and is in an advanced state of decomposition, is pictured above, courtesy the Madrid Police. The decomposing cadaver reportedly measures around one and a half meters (almost five feet) in length.

Tweet translation: “This is strangest thing ever found in the Casa de Campo: the body of a dolphin.”

The municipal police force in Madrid are investigating the origin of the strange and macabre discovery but are having problems tracking down where the dolphin originally came from. Reportedly, Madrid Zoo, which is located close to the Casa de Campo, has already stated that it could not be one of their animals.

El Pais quotes police sources as saying the area where the dolphin corpse was found is accessible by motor vehicle but say they have no further information on the animal and advise caution in the matter.

Casa de Campo
[Image Casa de Campo, Madrid via Wikimedia Commons by mcxurxo/CC BY SA]

In the meantime, the cetacean corpse has reportedly been taken to the Animal Protection Center run by the Madrid City Hall, where tests are to be carried out. Reportedly, the tests will determine how many days the animal has been dead, as well as confirming exactly what species it was. However, so far the evidence does point to the corpse being that of a dolphin.

El Pais contacted the manager of the Casa del Campo, Francisco Rodríguez Pachón, but he told them he has no further information about the discovery, as he only knew about it himself when he read the story in the Spanish media. He said he had never seen anything like this in the park before.

According to the Local, the Madrid police published a photo on Twitter, stating that it was a cetacean, with the first analysis pointing to it being a dolphin. Why the dolphin corpse was encased in metal chicken wire is anybody’s guess at this stage.

In related Spanish news, whoever placed the dolphin corpse in the park could face a prison sentence if caught. Spain has recently introduced stricter laws relating to animal abuse and cruelty in the country after a man was imprisoned in a landmark case recently.

As reported by El Pais, 41-year-old Eugenio Sánchez María co-owned a racehorse, Sorky das Pont, and was found guilty of beating the animal with a piece of wood and breaking its neck after the horse was disqualified from a harness race held in Manacor. He received an eight-month prison sentence for his crime.

Other news relating to cruelty to dolphins, as reported by the Inquisitr, includes the story of the baby La Plata dolphin who was left for dead on a beach in Argentina. A group of people posed for selfies holding the cute animal and discarded the baby dolphin on the sand when they left the beach.

[Image via Madrid Police]

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