Susan Sarandon Supports Bernie Sanders, Would She Vote For Donald Trump Over Hillary Clinton?

Val Powell

Famed actress and Bernie Sander supporter Susan Sarandon said in a recent interview that she might not vote for Hillary Clinton if her candidate does not win the Democratic nomination. She then went on to say that Donald Trump might be a better choice than Hillary Clinton for U.S. President.

— CNN (@CNN) March 29, 2016

Clinton's chief campaign strategist, Joel Benenson, revealed in a recent statement that it will be difficult for their candidate to win New York but remained upbeat, noting that the Clinton campaign can still withstand losing the 291 delegates from the Empire State.

Some people are joining the bandwagon to elect the first ever female president of the United States, but Susan Sarandon said that she might vote for Donald Trump if the Vermont senator does not clinch the Democratic nomination. The actress, however, admitted that she remains unsure and will just see how things turn out during the November elections.

The actress/activist has been supporting Bernie Sanders for the past several months and in her latest interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Monday evening, Sarandon said that she is not sure if she can bring herself to vote for Clinton if she wins as the Democratic nominee.

— The Hill (@thehill) March 29, 2016

Sarandon agreed with the host's statement, further noting that it is a legitimate concern, as the supporters of Bernie Sanders are very passionate and principled.

She continued to say that the former Secretary of State accepted millions of dollars donated to her campaign but does not want to fight for a $15 minimum wage. She also suggested that people who did not like Clinton in the past might now support her because she would be the first woman to serve as the President of the United States.

As the two continued to discuss the issue, Chris Hayes cited that if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton go head-to-head during the 2016 presidential race, Bernie Sanders would likely urge his supporters to vote for the former first lady. Susan Sarandon then said that it is possible that her candidate will do that in case he loses, as he has no ego. But she further argued that many would-be voters won't be able to bring themselves to vote for the frontrunner.

When asked about her feelings toward the Republican frontrunner, Sarandon said that some people feel that the real estate mogul will "bring the revolution immediately if he gets in."

She noted that she feels it is dangerous but pointed out, "It's dangerous to think that we can continue the way we are with the militarized police force, with privatized prisons, with the death penalty, with the low minimum wage, threats to women's rights and think you can't do something huge to turn that around." Sarandon believes these problems would not be solved if Clinton becomes president.

The recent victories by Bernie Sanders were unprecedented, and it is possible that he could still overtake the former Secretary of State in the Democratic race.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are yet to comment on the recent statements of Susan Sarandon.

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