NFL Rumors: Anquan Bolding Leaving San Francisco 49ers For Washington Redskins

NFL rumors are swirling around Anquan Boldin. Now that a lot of the younger wide receivers are off the free agent markets, teams are beginning to focus on the 13-year veteran. While Boldin hasn’t ruled out the possibility to re-signing with the San Francisco 49ers, he’s checking around the National Football League to see what his options are. According to NBC Sports, his first visit was with the Washington Redskins. The signing of Boldin might lead to another departure.

For some NFL teams, age is going to be an issue when it comes to signing Anquan Boldin. He’s already 35-years-old, and he’s played many a snaps throughout his professional football career. However, those that followed him closely last year know that he can still be a productive player. The 6’1″, 220-pound wide receiver pulled in a very respectable 69 catches last season. When you consider how much the San Francisco 49ers struggled with the quarterback position, the number becomes all the more impressive.

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins
Kirk Cousins [Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images]
One of the biggest reasons why the Washington Redskins are interested in acquiring Anquan Boldin is because they are looking for more size at the wide receiver position. The former Florida State Seminoles star can be quite the bully when he’s guarded by a smaller defensive back. Boldin can out-muscle opponents and secure the ball, even when he’s closely guarded. Anquan is a guy that quarterbacks can trust when it is third down and tough yards are needed.

By signing Anquan Boldin, the Washington Redskins would have themselves quite the veteran trio at the wide receiver position. DeSean Jackson still remains one of the fastest players in the NFL. He’s a deep threat on every passing down the Redskins participate in. Pierre Garcon is the other wide receiver in the group. Boldin lining up as the slot wide receiver would open things up on the outside for Jackson and Garcon.

Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson
DeSean Jackson [Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images]
If Anquan Boldin signs with the Washington Redskins, then that means that he prefers playing with Kirk Cousins than waiting to see what the San Francisco 49ers do with their quarterback position. Right now, it appears that the team will be deciding between Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert. The former was benched and replaced by the latter, who did not do much to excite the Niners fan base.

In a rather interesting note, San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke has admitted that he has not had conversations with Anquan Boldin about signing another contract with the team. A return hasn’t been ruled out, so it seems that Baalke is allowing Boldin to shop himself around the NFL to see what his value is. The Niners can always match the deal because they really do want a respected and reliable veteran like Boldin in the locker room.

Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon
Pierre Garcon [Photo by Elsa/Getty Images]
A couple of other NFL teams are said to be interested in Anquan Boldin as well. The Detroit Lions recently lost Calvin Johnson. Though there is no way to replace his production on the field, management believes that Boldin can help to replace the leadership that Johnson provided. Catching passes from Matthew Stafford should be an appealing thought for the veteran. The New York Giants are also interested in adding another wide receiver now that Rueben Randle has signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Considering how productive Anquan Boldin can still be, he’s going to be playing somewhere in the NFL for sure next season. The veteran has earned the right to pick and choose where he wants to play next. With his career coming to a close soon, Boldin will more than likely sign with a team that gives him the best chance to win another Super Bowl.

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