Gemma Laird: Teacher Fired For Modeling In Sexy Lingerie

Gemma Laird was an aspiring teacher at Bloemfontein Primary School in County Durham, England. No one took an issue with her until some parents of the children who attend the school found some of her lingerie modeling photos on Facebook and reported her to the school’s administrators.

The 21-year-old Laird told the Metro that the school already knew that she sometimes models for Lexi Fashions – a store that sells club dresses and sexy lingerie – when she applied for the position. Laird also set all of her social media accounts to private before she started working at the school, as told in the Daily Mail.

But that hasn’t stopped some parents from discovering some of Gemma’s sexy lingerie photos on Facebook and notifying the school. The photos caused administrators to fire the teaching assistant, she revealed in her interview with Metro.

“I was told that they didn’t want to damage the school’s reputation and that people would lose respect for the school if they found out I was a model. She made me feel dirty and like I was a prostitute. It’s ridiculous.”

Meanwhile, the school’s headmistress Laura Liddell explained to the Daily Mail as to why Gemma Laird was fired from her position.

“Members of staff and those on apprenticeship placement in school are expected to adhere to certain standards of behavior, including in relation to their use of social media, and to set a good example to pupils. It was brought to our attention that images which were not appropriate and which did not comply with our expected standards had been posted on social media by a newly appointed apprentice. Unfortunately, we felt that we had no choice but to bring the placement to an end.”

Laird can recall the day she was called in by the headmistress. She was told that her sexy side job would “damage the school’s reputation.” Even though Laird has returned to modeling, she is considering taking legal action against Bloemfontein Primary School. She revealed to The Sun that she was not paid for the last week she worked at the school, even though she received a “good” rating.

Some would say that Gemma Laird wasn’t treated fairly for her sexy photos. While the mother of one was slammed for her modeling job, Pietro Boselli was called the “world’s sexiest teacher” last year after his students found his modeling photos online.

Students discovered the model’s shirtless shots and underwear photos. When the 28-year-old was outed as an underwear model, he didn’t get fired from his teaching position like Laird did. Instead, he was called the world’s unofficial hottest teacher, and it was announced earlier this week that he became the new face of Giorgio Armani’s EA7 sportwear line.

Gemma and Pietro’s seemingly different outcomes were picked up by people on social media. The Common White Girl Twitter account shared a side-by-side photo of both teacher’s stories along with the caption, “just gonna leave this here.”

Since the post was tweeted, it has been retweeted over 2,500 times and liked over 4,000 times, with some agreeing of the double standards that still exist in this day and age.

One wrote, “the assumption that you can’t do both [teach and model], especially if you’re female.”

Another agreed: “Women should honestly be able to embrace themselves and feel sexy.”

However, some argued that Gemma and Pietro’s situations are different since they teach different age groups. Gemma worked with young children, while Pietro is a university tutor.

“It’s also different because he’s a tutor. He isn’t a full time teacher,” added one Twitter user.

What are your thoughts? Do you think there’s a double standard when it comes to Gemma Laird and Pietro Boselli? Sound off below in the comments section.

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