Ted Cruz Sex Scandal: Presidential Candidate Declines To Answer About Cheating, But Carly Fiorina Speaks For Him [Video]

In an awkward exchange yesterday, Ted Cruz stopped short of issuing a blanket denial of committing any adultery, with Carly Fiorina interrupting a reporter’s question about the alleged Cruz sex scandal.

Businesswoman Fiorina, herself a former GOP presidential candidate this cycle who endorsed Cruz earlier this month, is campaigning with the Texas senator in Wisconsin ahead of that state’s primary on April 5.

The National Enquirer tabloid created a huge controversy by previously alleging that Cruz cheated on his wife with five different women, claims that he has denied.

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A Daily Mail reporter on Monday asked Cruz directly if he had ever been unfaithful to wife Heidi Cruz. “But instead of making a blanket declaration that he has been faithful during the entirety of his 14-year marriage — a move that would effectively end the vicious news cycle — Cruz stood silently as campaign surrogate Carly Fiorina leapt in to intercept the question and change the subject,” the Daily Mail reported about the encounter. See clip embedded below.

Fiorina appears deserving of high marks for loyalty and for making some pertinent observations about the media in general, but perhaps she should have waited until Senator Cruz availed himself of the opportunity to respond. Instead, she jumped in aggressively.

“I’m going to comment. This is an example of the media playing to Donald Trump’s tune. Donald Trump is a serial philanderer, by his own admission. And in a week when we have had a terrorist attack in Brussels, a shooting at the Capitol, the president of the U.S. in the baseball stands with Raul Castro, and insisting he be photographed in front of a picture of Che Guevara with the two Castro brothers, we are talking about a scurrilous, ridiculous piece in the National Enquirer? Why? Why do you dance to Donald Trump’s tune? Let’s talk about the issues.

A visibly upset Cruz then again characterized the tabloid account as “complete garbage and total lies” and insisted that it was planted “by Donald Trump’s henchmen.”

News outlets such as The Daily Beast and others have claimed that the Cruz infidelity story was peddled by Marco Rubio operatives, however.

Ted Cruz has emphasized his strong Christian faith during the course of the campaign, which is primarily why the cheating allegation is a story, apart from the overall craziness of the political season.

“Political operatives including some who worked alongside Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s now-suspended presidential campaign, have steadily pitched the story of Cruz’s alleged infidelities to multiple media outlets, including DailyMail.com,” the Daily Mail added.


Some eyebrows are being raised by a $500,000 donation from a Ted Cruz-affiliated superPAC to Fiorina’s campaign in July 2015.

Trump, the brash New York real estate mogul and ex-Celebrity Apprentice host, thus far has won the most primaries and has received most delegates to the GOP presidential nominating convention (739 at this writing). Ted Cruz is in second place with 465 delegates. Going into the Wisconsin primary, Trump and Cruz are in virtual tie, according to the latest Real Clear Politics average.

Leaving aside the unproven Ted Cruz sex scandal, sparks often fly in the workplace regardless of relationship status, and that doesn’t necessarily mean the individuals involved are bad people. Moreover, a person’s private life, by definition, is meant to be kept private. In general, however, extramarital affairs are hardly out of the ordinary when — among other things — money, fame, status, and/or power are in play.

Attorney Mike Cernovich of the Danger & Play blog, who is also questioning the veracity of Corey Lewandowski accuser Michelle Fields, seems convinced that Ted Cruz has not been entirely forthcoming about the alleged sex scandal. Read his analysis and draw your own conclusions.

Heidi Cruz has canceled a number of scheduled public appearances this week in New Jersey, Politico reported.

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Added: In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, former Ted Cruz communications director Amanda Carpenter denied having ever any kind of inappropriate or intimate relationship with Cruz, adding that she’s been 100 percent faithful to her husband.

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