WWE News: Major Backstage Heat On Roman Reigns, This Time Not From WWE Officials

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns may be facing off for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 32 against Triple H, but that does not mean people are happy about it. Fans have not taken to Reigns very much over the last year, despite WWE attempting to make him into the next top man. Others have shown greatness while Reigns has failed to live up to expectations, whether it be totally his fault or not.

Many feel that Reigns is talented, and has the pedigree and drive to succeed that WWE loves. However, WWE fans have not taken to Reigns like management would want. There’s been blame thrown around, naturally, with various sides stating what they believe is the issue. Management has thrown it onto creative, however, which is not completely inaccurate. Many people have stated that if Reigns was used well creatively, it would overcome his faults. However, WWE officials have gone about things terribly, it seems.

According to Daily Wrestling News, many within WWE are tired of being yelled at over not getting Reigns over the way the company wants. WWE has been reprimanding writers and producers over Roman Reigns, which has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. While WWE clearly has an issue with Reigns creatively, there have been opportunities for him to succeed where he has failed. This is on top of WWE fans wanting others to be put in the same spot Reigns is in, which hasn’t done him any favors.

Reigns flys

CM Punk once recalled a story on the infamous Colt Cabana podcast where WWE officials kept coming up to him about putting Reigns over, despite the fact that Punk was going over. He was told to make Roman look “really really strong” in the loss. It started a major online trend, which also hurt Reigns a bit with fans, as Punk was beloved by them when he left.

Now with Reigns once again failing to get over, heat has grown on creative with officials. WrestleMania is the biggest time of the year and officials want the best of the best to be featured, but the feeling is that creative has not done well with this. He has been featured very little due to his surgery, which was not on creative but on Reigns, really. Now there is heat on Reigns due to all of this. It seems writers and producers are upset with him just due to getting yelled at over him. They feel that no matter what, he should have been worked more during WrestleMania time but they also know fans will want what they will want regardless.

WWE writers and producers have been going through years of being yelled at over the use of Reigns. At the end of the day, many feel that he is not the right guy for the job as top man while others feel he could be used differently and it could help long-term.

Reigns Steph

Some feel turning him heel as a singles act very well could help his career in a great way, but WWE Chairman Vince McMahon felt that Roman Reigns should stay as a face. Now with the news of McMahon losing faith in Reigns, there might be a shot Reigns turns heel sometime after WrestleMania. This has been rumored, but WWE very well could decide to keep Reigns as a babyface. There is a need for top heels as most of the people out right now will come back as babyfaces.

Seth Rollins, WWE’s top heel before he went down due to an injury, may very well be babyface upon his return this summer. That’s not even mentioning someone like Randy Orton who drifts back and forth but did leave as a babyface.

That leaves the door open to a heel turn, which helps the company in a major way. Not only does it give creative a new direction for Roman Reigns that makes more sense, but it also allows them to fill a hole that is currently lost. While heat seems to be on Reigns right now, it may disappear this summer if a heel turn does occur. Whether or not Vince allows this to happen is another thing entirely.

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