Admitted kitty-killer taunts cat lovers in court

Cheyenne Cherry had one thing to say to the supporters who showed up in memory of a tiny little kitten who met a gruesome end at Cherry’s hands- “…it’s dead, bitch!”

Cherry, 17, stuck her tongue out at animal rights activists who showed up at her trial in reverence to little Tiger Lily. As part of a love affair gone wrong rampage, Cherry and a friend left Tiger Lily to die in a 500F oven to get back at Cherry’s ex-girlfriend. The two vacated the apartment after placing the kitten in the oven because Tiger Lily’s screams and scratching were becoming unbearable to hear. She later told police the cat killing was “just a joke.”

Under the terms of a plea deal, the girl will be sentenced on July 31st and is expected to spend a year in jail. She has also agreed to not own a pet for three years. In the past, Cherry has been convicted of stealing a teacup Yorkie at BB gunpoint and robbing an iPod.

[Image/source: NYDN]

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