Mark Ballas Gives Fans An Update: Will He Return To ‘Dancing With The Stars’ This Season?

Last night, viewers were shocked to see that Mark Ballas wasn’t going to be able to dance with Paige VanZant on Dancing with the Stars. On the show, Mark Ballas shared that he thought he had slipped a disc. Today, the doctors would be checking him more, and now E! Online is sharing an update from Mark Ballas on how he is doing and if he will be able to dance again this season.

This injury is not a new one for Mark Ballas and is one that he has dealt with before. In a past season of the show, Mark tried to dance through it, which, of course, is not a good idea. After the show, Mark shared this update with fans, but this was before the doctors ran the tests they wanted to run today. Here is what Mark Ballas had to say about it.

“The doctor seems to be optimistic, so I’m feeling good about it. I just don’t know how quickly. No time-frame yet…but I don’t want to let her down. I want to be there with her, she’s fantastic.”

At this time, it is totally up in the air if Mark Ballas will get to dance again, but it is obvious that he wants to do it if there is any way that the doctors will allow it. When Mark couldn’t dance last night, Alan Bersten stepped in and did the dance for him. He only got two hours to practice the dance and was able to do great with it. You know that Mark Ballas will still be helping them with the dance while he is on the show.

Paige shared her thoughts last night about how she handled changing up partners at the last minute.

“It was scary. It was very scary. Allan stepped up and learned the routine very quickly. We had to change a lot of things, which was scary for me. Everything was up in the air…I’m really happy I got to go out there and perform.”

People shared that Paige VanZant didn’t even think that they should do the move that got Mark hurt. Paige knew something was wrong right away, but at first, she had no idea what was going on. Paige did not have big plans to do the trick until she realized that Mark wanted to do it, so she went ahead. Here is what she revealed.

“We weren’t warmed up, so I wasn’t going to do the tricks. But he said we had to because we didn’t have a lot of time. We’d done the first trick 100 times. But the first time we did Sunday, he hurts his back.”

Alan Bersten said last night that getting to step in for Mark Ballas was a dream come true. He was on the show So You Think You Can Dance and is also part of the Dancing with the Stars troupe. They do not know if Alan will actually be the one to take over if Mark can’t finish the show or not. It does sound like Alan would love to do the job if they offer it to him.

Are you hoping to see Mark Ballas back on the dance floor this season of Dancing with the Stars? Do you think that he will join the show again? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss new episodes of DWTS on Monday nights on ABC.

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