‘Deadliest Catch’ Season 12 Spoilers: First Look At Challenges And Drama Ahead

A first look at what’s ahead on Deadliest Catch Season 12 is uncovered in two videos released by the Discovery Channel. The premiere episode of the season airs on Tuesday night, and no shortage of personal and professional challenges face the captains and crew on each boat.

In one video clip, Capt. Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern narrates the first video, which shows Hansen, Capt. Keith Colburn, and Capt. Johnathan Hillstrand in their younger years as high seas fishermen. The preview then breaks down what Season 12 of Deadliest Catch is adding to the mix, which is a roster of new captains.

Capt. Sean Dwyer, 24, will make his debut helming the Brenna A, and Jake Anderson takes over the F/V Saga — Elliott Neese’s boat. Capt. Josh Harris and Capt. Casey McManus must bring in enough crab to pay for renovations made to Cornelia Marie.

“When I look around at the new guys, there is a lot of opportunity but not a lot of promise,” Hansen says in the clip. “I don’t see as much fear as I would have hoped to see. They don’t seem fearful because in their mind, there is nothing to fear. At sea, you find out what a guy is made out of. Not everyone makes the cut.”

Various clips show the captains fighting monster storms, raging seas, and conflict with crew members as the scenes accelerate. It ends with Sig feeling intense pain in his hands and chest. As many viewers are aware, the captain suffered a heart attack about a month ago. He’s recovering and doing well.

In a second preview, the Northwestern brings in a hefty load of crab in the first pot, much to Capt. Sig and the crew’s pleasure.

Those moments before the crap pots are brought over the rail are literally heart-pounding for the captains and crew. They risk their lives to bring in thousands of pounds of King crab. When the pots are filled with large crab, it’s a relief — and something to celebrate for all of their incredibly hard work.

Fans can look forward to several plots in Season 12 of Deadliest Catch. Capt. Keith Colburn must contend with his emotions in the beginning as he copes with a new life following the divorce from his wife of 25 years. Some intense scenes have shown that he’s struggling as he tries moving forward.

In other storylines set for this season of Deadliest Catch, Freddy Maugatai will join the crew of the Time Bandit. Last season, he was fired from the Wizard by Relief Capt. Monte Colburn when he didn’t show up at departure. His belongings were set on the dock, and that was the end of his stint on that boat.

This season should be an interesting one for Freddy. Will he be what the crew needs? According to spoilers for the show, “look to Freddy for great positive, and unpredictable, moments on deck.”

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The show will air Tuesday nights on the Discovery Channel at 9 p.m. ET/PT with a special that returns preceding the series called Deadliest Catch: The Bait, which is a one-hour pre-show, beginning at 8 PM ET/PT. Each special gives a sneak peek into the episode ahead. The captains will talk fishing, drama, and what to expect on that evening’s episode of the show.

[Image via Discovery]