Apple iPad Pro Not Good Enough To Replace Surface Tablets Or Windows Laptops

The iPad has definitely come a long way. From its humble roots as a bigger-screen mobile device to a computing powerhouse, the Apple iPad Pro is slowly taking the place of most old computer systems, and it has no plans of stopping.

During Apple’s press event just last week, the Cupertino-based manufacturer launched the smaller version of the Apple iPad Pro. Compared to the huge, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the 9.7-inch version goes back to the original size of the iPad, while packing high-end specs to boost its performance.

As it was being showcased at the event, presenters claimed that the new Apple tablet can replace Windows PCs and its rival, the Microsoft Surface. However, the company may want to check out some things first before making such bold claims.

Apple iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface

Since its first trip to the market in 2010, the iPad has successfully led the tablet wars against its Google-powered competitors. When the Surface slates of Microsoft arrived in 2012, the market was filled with high-end tablets that could do some of the jobs of an old computer.

But with the release of the Surface Pro 4 in October 2015, Microsoft offered a very powerful, more compact, and more stylish alternative to the bulky Windows PCs.

Apple then claimed that it could beat Surface at its own game – productivity.

While Apple’s iPad is now capable of running complicated tasks like video editing and even Microsoft’s Office suite of applications, it is still lacking in a number of areas.

One key factor is the group of Microsoft applications that can run on iOS on the Apple iPad Pro. These apps are merely scaled back versions of the real thing, and all of those run smoothly and completely in Windows-based desktops, laptops, and tablets.

There are also some restrictions that are imposed by the operating system itself. There is no built-in application for an easy-to-use open file system. Unlike Apple’s Macs, the Apple iPad Pro has little to no customization at all.

Price is something that would not be too much of a burden for Apple as its 9.7-inch iPad Pro costs $599 while Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 cost $899 when it was launched last year.

Apple iPad Pro vs. Windows Laptops

If the 9.7″ Apple iPad Pro was trumped by the Surface Pro 4 in terms of productivity and options for customization, other Windows laptops can easily beat the new iPad just as well.

Indeed, the iPad Pro looks more stylish, has the elegant Apple design, and comes with a number of features that are only available on the iOS platform; however, there are simply some things that the laptop can do better.

For one, the iPad Pro does not come with a built-in keyboard, and although there is an option to buy one, it would significantly increase the total cost of the product.

Another major blow to the iPad is its inability to provide enough storage space for its users. A $599 Apple iPad Pro only has 32GB, while for the same price, a Windows laptop comes with 500GB or even 1TB of disk space.

Apple has long expressed its desire to have consumers store files in its cloud storage, although some people do not think of it as practical or secure at all.

Final Words

The new 9.7-inch Apple iPad Pro is definitely a beauty, much like its predecessors. For consumers who travel often and can’t leave their work behind, the Apple tablet is more than capable of increasing their productivity on the go. Unfortunately, against the Surface Pro and other Windows laptops or PCs, the iPad is still no match as an overall productivity device.

[Image via YouTube]