'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Laura Horton Returns To Help Abigail Through Mental Illness?

Days of Our Lives viewers are in for a treat in the form of an old familiar character returning to Salem. Actress Jaime Lyn Bauer will be back this fall as Laura Horton.

According to Soap Opera Digest, Jaime Lyn Bauer, who is best known to Days of Our Lives fans as Laura Horton will be back in the very near future to reprise her role as Jennifer Horton's mother and Abigail Deveraux-DiMera's grandmother.

Bauer made her big, exciting announcement on her Facebook page on Monday, revealing that she'll appear in at least three episodes, but that there could be even more than that for Laura on Days of Our Lives in the future.

"They won't air until the first week in September so we shall see! As usual we trust God in everything."
Days of Our Lives fans who have been watching the NBC soap for years know that Laura Horton has had her share of ups and downs and arguably her most memorable story line has been her battle with mental illness. Laura has even been institutionalized for her issues.

So, why will Laura Horton be making her way back to Salem this time around? There are a couple of possible reasons for Laura to return home, and both of them are equally juicy.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Laura Horton returning to Salem.
[Image via NBC]One reason Laura could return to Days of Our Lives is to help her granddaughter, Abigail, who is having some mental health issues right now, a subject Laura knows all too well. Currently, Abigail has been hallucinating the image of her ex-fiance, Ben Weston, who took her hostage and kidnapped her son, Thomas. Since Ben escaped from the mental hospital he was being held at, Abby has been on edge, and it is actually causing concern for those around her.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and rumors are circulating that Abigail may also end up in the mental hospital to seek treatment for whatever issues are currently troubling her, and with actress Kate Mansi departing the show, it could be that when/if Abigail finishes her treatment she'll look much different with another actress in the role. In addition to Abby's mental health status, she's also a new mother. Laura may want to return to Salem to spend time with her family and meet her great-grandson, Thomas DiMera.

Meanwhile, Laura's own daughter, Jennifer Horton-Deveraux is also struggling with her own demons. Ever since the New Year's Eve car accident involving Eric Brady, Jennifer, Brady Black, and Daniel Jonas, who died in the crash, Jen hasn't been herself. Not only did she lose her ex-boyfriend and close friend, Daniel, but she's been suffering with back pain and was even given pain killers to help her deal with the pain.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Laura returning to help Jennifer and Abigail?
[Image via NBC]Unfortunately, Days of Our Lives fans have watched as Jennifer has become dependent on those prescription pain killers and has been taking them far too often. Jen's behavior has been altered by the drugs and people around her are starting to notice, namely Eric Brady. Eric, who is struggling with alcohol addiction, knows Jen's addiction secret and has been the only one to call her out on it. However, spoilers suggest that Jen's brother, Lucas Horton, is about to find out and since Lucas is also a recovering addict it's safe to say he'll have some very choice words for his half-sister.

Hopefully, Lucas and Laura will be enough to get Jennifer through this tough time in her life, as well as help Abigail deal with the issues she's facing. Either way, it will be interesting to see what Laura brings back to Salem with her.

What are your thoughts on Laura Horton returning to Days of Our Lives?

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