Nintendo NX Details Leaked, Rumors Say It’s More Powerful Than The PS4

Not much is known about Nintendo’s next generation console, which has been code named the Nintendo NX. Reports claim it will be a cross between a home console and a portable pocket-console, but not much has been revealed outside of that until today.

According to Game Rant, a post on Reddit claims to contain “leaked” information about the new Nintendo NX console and it has some pretty stunning specs, if the rumors are true. The post has been published by Reddit user stimpak_vendor, who claims to be employed by a development studio that works closely with Nintendo. He says he was able to obtain a Nintendo NX “development kit” and has decided to leak some of the details online for the viewing pleasure of eager fans.

The biggest Nintendo NX news is that the console will ostensibly be more powerful than the Playstation 4, which currently boasts some of the best gaming processing power on the home console market.

The Reddit user also revealed so-called “leaked” information about the new Nintendo NX controller. He claims it will feature “physical buttons with a screen behind them,” whatever that means. The shoulder buttons will reportedly “scroll” like a computer mouse wheel. The screen will not be a touch screen this time around but it will function as its own console, as initial rumors have suggested. However, it supposedly isn’t meant to replace Nintendo’s standing portable console, the Nintendo 3DS, but rather it works as a companion to a smart phone application.

A “rough sketch” of the Nintendo NX controller console was provided by another Reddit user.

Hypothesized Nintendo NX controller. [Photo via Reddit]
The Nintendo NX may also be the first console from the company that isn’t backwards compatible with its predecessor, the Wii U. If this particular rumor is true, it’s one detail that Nintendo fans will actually be pretty disappointed to hear.

Wii U
[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Nintendo]
The next Nintendo console will also supposedly use ARM architecture, which says contains the following.

“A uniform register file load/store architecture, where data processing operates only on register contents, not directly on memory contents [and] Simple addressing modes, with all load/store addresses determined from register contents and instruction fields only.”

Gamers can’t be sure at this point if the “leaked” information is true, but if the Nintendo NX can really outperform the Playstation 4, Sony will have a lot of work ahead of them to keep up with their rapidly-evolving competitor. Since the death of former Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, the company has been going through some major changes, including expanding Nintendo’s beloved intellectual properties to mobile and smart phone developers.

The current Nintendo President, Tatsumi Kimishima, has a much broader background in business, versus Iwata’s background in game development. This could mean the Nintendo NX will be designed to fill the voids that Nintendo fans have been complaining about, such as poor online play and fewer games geared toward more mature audiences.

New Nintendo president
Tatsumi Kimishima. (Photo via Nintendo)

Another rumor from the video game world suggests Sony may already be developing a more powerful version of the Playstation 4, which could resolve any spec deficiencies against the Nintendo NX. But, it’s hard to know anything for sure at this point. It’s worth noting that a recent rumor about the Nintendo NX controller proved to be a hoax.

Forbes speculates that the Reddit user was simply making up specs about the Nintendo NX as an effort to tell Nintendo fans what they may want to hear. Aside from the lack of backwards compatibility, stimpak_vendor’s information is essentially what hardcore Nintendo fans have been asking for, in spite of the company’s popularity among more casual gamers.

What do you think about the Nintendo NX rumors? Do you think anything stimpak_vendor wrote is true?

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Nintendo]

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