Brand New 'Lego Batman' Trailer Released, Makes Fun Of Old Batman Movies [Video]

Only four days ago, the internet was treated to the first official teaser trailer for the Lego Batman movie. This week, Batman is already back with a brand new trailer in which he directly addresses the "uber nerd fans" who "blew up the 'Twittersphere'" after news of the movie broke. Then he boasts that, since he's so super, he gets two trailers within the span of a week. You can watch the new Lego Batman trailer in the video above.

While it doesn't reveal much of the plot of the film, there's plenty more of the comedy that fans of the Lego Movie are looking forward to. Most of the trailer is taken up by a hilarious scene between Lego Batman and his butler Alfred, which seems to pick up where the first trailer left off.

Lego Batman is mourning the loss of his parents by talking to their portraits, telling them "I saved the city again today. I think you would have been really proud."

Alfred then comes in and startles Lego Batman, which gets him kicked into the grand piano. Most of the jokes surrounding the Lego Batman character in the Lego Movie made him out to be moody, self-involved, and excessively cocky, traits that have only been magnified for his feature film.

In fact, Alfred even points out that Batman has gone through "similar phases" in the past, wherein the trailer shows clips from almost every Batman incarnation on live-action film. The trailer makes fun of the notorious nipple costume from Batman Forever, briefly mentions the current polarizing blockbuster Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and even brings up the original Adam West Batman, calling it "that weird one in 1966." You can see Alfred begin listing the Batman films at the 1:06 mark.

'Batman Forever'
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There's one more classic Batman throwback in the trailer, as well. Toward the end of the teaser, as Lego Batman is flying his plane under a Gotham City bridge, you can hear a version of the original Batman theme, including the infamous "nananananananana" melody.

According to Wired, the promising Lego Batman trailers could make people rethink their choices for the best Batman of all time. Typically, the debate is between Michael Keaton and Christian Bale, but Will Arnett's Lego Batman could give the others a run for their money. Unfortunately for Ben Affleck, it seems nobody is eager to declare him the best.

Viewers of the trailer used the comments section to point out the apparent superiority of Lego Batman to the Snyder/Affleck rendition.

"Looks better than the latest Zack Synder film :D," said one commenter.

"This already looks infinitely better than batman v superman," wrote another.

Some even went so far as to say the trailer itself was better than the entire Batman v. Superman movie.

Lego Batman
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While it doesn't appear that any of the original characters from the Lego Movie will be making any cameos in Lego Batman, comic book fans can look forward to supporting roles by Lego Wonder Woman, Lego Superman, Lego Green Lantern, Lego Aquaman, Lego Cyborg, Lego Flash, and Lego Green Arrow.

Lego Batman stars Will Arnett, Ralph Fiennes, Rosario Dawson, Michael Cera, Zach Galifianakis, and even Mariah Carey. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are aiming for a release sometime in 2017.

Will Arnett
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If you want to see the other trailer that came out last week, featuring more Batman beat-boxing, click here.

Will you be seeing Lego Batman in theaters? And do you think Will Arnett's Batman could potentially be the new best Batman?

[Photo via Warner Bros.]