WWE News: Velvet Sky’s TNA Contract To End Next Month, Rumors Of Beautiful People Reunion In WWE NXT Have Begun

TNA Knockout Velvet Sky has been with TNA Wrestling for some time now. Brought in when TNA was considering a female movement of talent, she was sort of a WWE type. She had the look of a girl that they would hire and even had the skill of a WWE Diva in the ring for a while, which isn’t a good thing. Before she reached TNA, she had a lot of independent experience and even had some random appearances for WWE. She even auditioned for a Diva Search, which she did not end up being picked for.

It worked out, as she ended up in TNA and became one of the cornerstones of the company’s Knockout Division. She, along with Angelina Love, paired up to be called The Beautiful People, and they did a lot of good for TNA. The two would consistently bring in the highest ratings for the show when the company was on Spike TV. The duo broke up on screen a bit, but always ended up coming back together.

The group helped to introduce another major player for the Knockout Division in Madison Rayne, who became a standout on her own away from the group eventually. Despite their run with TNA, there was always said to be interest by WWE in both of the women. The problem was that they were getting older in age and TNA kept retaining them because they kept meeting any demands they had. For Velvet Sky, she was with TNA Original Chris Sabin for a long period of time and then ended up with Bully Ray, both of which kept her from leaving.

Velvet Love

Now that Bully Ray is back with WWE as Bubba Ray Dudley, it has made many wonder about where she will end up, as a possible WWE future was in the wind before she returned to TNA. PWInsider reports that Sky’s TNA contract ends next month and that the two sides have not come to an agreement on a new deal. The rumor is that she very well could follow other TNA Originals by leaving the company. With all of the interest in the men from TNA that have left, many wonder if any of the ladies of TNA would get attention from WWE.

It has been rumored that WWE may be targeting various women from the wrestling world that have a name behind them. Clearly both Velvet Sky and Angelina Love do and they are the two most available people around. On top of this, it would not be a major risk for them to make the jump.

While Angelina Love may be a new mother, she is returning to the ring soon, reportedly around June. Her deal with TNA expired while she was out due to her pregnancy, and she did not want to renew it, understandably. Her husband Davey Richards is still under contract with TNA, however, as of now at least. Fans started to speculate about a Love and Sky reunion away from TNA ever since Love’s contract was known about. Now that Sky’s deal is known, talk has gotten louder about one in WWE NXT.

The Beautiful People

Velvet’s love interest in Bubba Ray Dudley is clearly under WWE contract, but many believe that if WWE does bring either in, it would be for WWE NXT. The reason is because WWE has a lot of girls on the main roster, but they are losing a lot of talent from the Diva’s roster out of NXT, which is based primarily in Florida, where the two already have roots. Plus it includes a lighter workload than any main roster tour schedule. Bayley is set to make her main roster jump sometime this year, which would only leave Asuka as a major player for the women of NXT.

While Dana Brooke is making a good name for herself, she is fairly new and still needs development. Let’s not even get started on Eva Marie and Nia Jax. Adding either Angelina Love or Velvet Sky… or even both to the NXT roster, things could go very well. There might even be a built-in story for them, as Dana Brooke and Emma, the two mean girls of NXT could run into The Beautiful People. This could result in great Diva Tag Team warfare, which could put a lot of attention on the women instantly. There are a lot of female cliques that have formed in NXT, so this could be a good way to exploit that more.

While it is not concrete that Angelina Love or Velvet Sky will be hired by WWE, seeing as they are both 34 years old, there still is a good shot that get an opportunity. WWE needs people to work live event tours for NXT, and people like Love and Sky could help a great deal there. Do not be surprised if one or both get hired by WWE before the year is up. With Love’s contract up and Sky’s contract up at the end of April, we can pretty much be assured there’s a shot they get a call from WWE.

[Image via TNA Wrestling]