Derek Hough Update: 'Dancing With The Stars' Pro Heads To 'Jane The Virgin' For Guest Stint, What Else Is He Working On These Days?

Derek Hough is taking a break from Dancing with the Stars this spring, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's sitting at home relaxing and laying low. He has been a lot on his plate these days, and DWTS fans are anxious to know where he will be popping up next. What's the scoop on Hough's latest plans?

As E! Online recently confirmed, Derek Hough will be starring in the Broadway production of Singin' in the Rain a few months down the road. There had been rumors swirling for a while now that the Dancing with the Stars pro would be a part of the Weinstein production, and now it has been made official. However, this isn't the project that has necessarily kept Derek away from the DWTS dance floor.

Just as Dancing With the Stars viewers throw themselves into Season 22, albeit without Hough, he has been sharing some teases via social media that got fans buzzing. As Entertainment Weekly confirms, Derek will be doing a guest stint on Jane the Virgin soon. So far, nobody has detailed exactly which episode this will be or when it will air, but it looks like Derek will be dancing with Jane in a saucy vision of hers in an upcoming episode.

Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez has a dance background herself, and some social media posts of the two together got fans buzzing about a guest appearance. Now further posts have shown the two in costume and on the set, and DWTS viewers think this will be a fun episode.

Prior to hitting the set with Rodriguez, the Dancing with the Stars pro did a Disney special and posted some fun clips of him partnering with stars like Heidi Klum and Ke$ha. He has spent a lot of time with his family in recent weeks, and they had to bid farewell to the family patriarch, as "Grandpa Hough" recently passed away. It also looks like Derek has continued to do a lot of traveling and photography, favorite hobbies of his when he's not on DWTS.Will Hough ever end up heading back to Dancing with the Stars? As People detailed when it was announced that he would not be a pro on Season 22, his status at this point is that he is simply sitting out this spring. It has been rare for Derek to take a season off, and his fans end up torn with these kinds of announcements. DWTS viewers miss having him on the dance floor, but many are excited for him to spread his wings and embrace other opportunities.

What will come next for Derek after his Jane the Virgin guest stint and before he throws himself fully into Broadway's Singin' in the Rain? Chances are that he has plenty of other projects lined up already, but he is not necessarily one to share specifics too far ahead of time. He surely will not be back on Dancing with the Stars for Season 23 in the fall, given the timeline for his Broadway show. However, fans will have to stay tuned for now to see whether his departure from the show becomes a permanent one.

Even though Hough is not a pro matched with a celebrity this spring, many DWTS viewers hope he can head back in some capacity at some point. He has choreographed some fabulous numbers for Dancing with the Stars for other segments of the show in the past, and it would seem that the door could be open for something like that as the season plays out. However, at this point, there is nothing officially in the works as far as fans have been told.

Do you think Derek Hough will be back as a pro in a future outing of Dancing with the Stars? Fans are anxious to hear when his Jane the Virgin episode will air, and DWTS viewers are curious to see what other projects this dancing talent has up his sleeves.

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