TNA News: New TNA Investor Wants 55 Percent Of The Company, But Will They Get It?

TNA Wrestling has been in what many experts call a free fall over the last year or so. They went from being on Spike TV to the far less available Destination America and now they are on the revamped TV Guide Channel known as Pop TV. Losing two television contracts was one thing, but losing countless TNA Originals among other men and women is another. This is never good for the company, clearly. They continue to go downhill, according to most, and some experts have called them an independent company with a TV contract.

TNA Wrestling feels they are better than this and the fans will tell you that there has been a lot of quality programming, which is not far off. TNA has tried to give out some good work, but that has not always reflected way in the ratings as they have yet to even hit half a million people for the weekly Impact Wrestling event. Pop TV is also marketing them well enough, so this isn't a Spike TV problem for example.

TNA feels they can do more, but they need money to do it. So, they decided to open up the company a bit and allow investors to come in and help them out. This was a good plan, but that meant there could be some interesting offers thrown in. One came in recently, in fact, which is good and bad for TNA. According to the Wrestling Observer, TNA has been in talks with a huge potential investor who does want to invest a good bit in TNA.

Impact Pop TV
[Image via Pop TV]The investor seems quite serious about what they plan to offer, but with the investment TNA loses a lot. The investor wants majority interest in TNA at around 55 percent of the company. TNA President Dixie Carter has been very passionate about wanting investors, but by no means does she want to give up the majority stake in TNA. This has been the answer numerous times when there has been even a whisper about someone wanting to buy out TNA.

Most feel the reason for her not wanting to sell majority stake is because she knows what comes with that: total control removed from her grasp. The moment that happens, the moment she can be removed from television and from any sort of role in TNA itself. The thought among many too is that if TNA had a different majority owner, lot of the top talent would leave because they did not trust how they would be used under the new ownership.

Anderson Dixie
[Photo by Getty Images]Of course, it isn't like TNA is keeping people on a lot anyway. Most people are planning to leave when their deal is up and others already have. TNA has lost most all of their original talent and some of the top names from over the years like Jeff Hardy will most likely be gone as well.

TNA's new investor may allow them to keep people due to the fact that they will have more money, but regardless of the money being added, 55 percent of the company is a lot. Carter would literally be handing away TNA to someone else. Majority stake is a major thing to give away, ask Jeff Jarrett.

Should TNA do it? Many say yes as it could not hurt for them to at least have the money to do the things they want to do. However, due to having a majority partner, a lot of the TNA officials would have to ask and be given permission to do everything they wanted to do. The new investor may also remove certain long time workers and replace them with new people. There is a lot to think about for TNA, but most feel they won't take the deal. As of now, it is uncertain who the mystery investor is.

[Image via TNA Wrestling]