Joe Giudice’s Prison Experience: Former Fort Dix Inmate Talks Life Behind Bars

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice is currently locked up at Fort Dix, a prison located in New Jersey. Teresa Giudice returned home just before Christmas so she could spend some time with her family. She got three months with her husband, Joe, before he turned himself in just 5 days ago. He is now serving 41 months behind bars at the prison, and it sounds like his prison experience won't be as relaxing as Teresa's. According to a new Radar Online report, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice may be shocked to learn about the rules and regulations at the prison. As it turns out, he won't be able to hook up with his wife.

"Conjugal visits are not permitted at the Bureau's institutions," a spokesperson for the Office of Public Affairs at the Federal Correctional Institution in Fort Dix, New Jersey has revealed to the website, sharing that he won't be able to hook up with his wife while behind bars. And that means he will have to go 41 months without having sex.

A former inmate at the prison, Earl David, has spilled the beans, and sex with visitors is absolutely forbidden. That could be devastating for Joe Giudice and his wife, as they often have sex. And this prison time has definitely been troublesome for the couple.

It is no secret that Joe has quite the sex drive. Teresa once revealed that she and her husband had sex several times a day. And when his wife was in prison, Joe Giudice was supposedly linked to other women. There were several reports on the internet, claiming that he had cheated on his wife. But it doesn't sound like he will be interested in hooking up with other men -- even though that is also against the rules.

"When I was there, a guy working in the laundry raped two cho-mos [child molesters]," David said about his experience there, adding, "The cho-mos were actually raped, but I did see them again." If they get caught doing anything they aren't allowed to do, they could get sent to solitary confinement for up to four months. Plus, it is possible that he won't get an early release, which is something Joe Giudice could be hoping for.

When Teresa visits her husband, she will have to behave. David said that Fort Dix has cameras and tons of security in the visiting areas, and that it's "impossible" for people to sneak-in hookups. In other words, she can't actually try to get some action while she's there. When Phaedra Parks visited her estranged husband in prison, she revealed that people were sitting with their hands down people's pants and pleased one another. As it turns out, this is rather common at Fort Dix.

"They even caught a guy's girlfriend putting her hand on the guy's area," David said, adding, "He was kicked out of Fort Dix. If he's going to do it, I guarantee he's going to get kicked out," David said, adding, "It would be the biggest mistake of his life. Don't even think about it."

It sounds like Giudice will have to get some porn to satisfy himself while he is serving his time. Or maybe Apollo Nida has some advice for him. He is currently serving 8 years in the same place. But one can imagine that Joe will follow the rules, as he doesn't want to be transferred to a place far away from his family.

What do you think of Joe Giudice possibly using porn to get through his time at Fort Dix? Do you think he would risk time with his family and possibly being removed from Fort Dix, just to get some action?

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