Javi Marroquin’s Mysterious Tweet: ‘Things Change, People Change, Feelings Change’

Javi Marroquin has been spending some time overseas, as he’s been working in Qatar for a few months. When Javi signed up for the Air Force, he knew that he would possibly be stationed away from the United States for a while, and it sounds like his marriage is in some trouble. While Kailyn doesn’t talk about her relationship on social media, it sounds like Marroquin just wanted something off his chest. This morning, he shared an interesting tweet, one that may be deleted later because of the assumptions people will make.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin revealed that people change, and he shared a sad emoji with the tweet.

“Things change, people change, feelings change too.. Damn come and see me has me in my feelings right now,” Javi revealed on Twitter this morning, sharing that people do change.

He also revealed that feelings change, but he didn’t tag his wife, Kailyn Lowry, in the tweet. It is no secret that he and his wife have had a rough couple of years, and they even contemplated divorce once. His followers hoped that he wasn’t talking about Lowry.


“Hope this isn’t about you and Kail Lowry,” one person wrote, while another added some encouraging words, writing, “love is much more than a feeling.. It’s a commitment. Don’t stop fighting!”

Javi and Kailyn have been very open about their marital troubles, as they have argued quite a bit on Teen Mom. They even addressed their troubles on last season’s reunion show, as they had discussed divorce and even worked out a custody plan for Lincoln. But both of them decided to stay in the marriage and work on their romance. Sadly, it sounds like Javi’s feelings may have changed.

On his Twitter account, he isn’t tweeting about coming home to see his wife. Instead, he revealed that he has booked his annual trip to Atlantic City to hang out with his boys. And despite being far away, it sounds like he is eager to get home to party with his friends.

“Second annual Atlantic city trip almost booked… Can’t wait to be out there with my bruddas and the rest of my friends and fam! Hopefully this year we win and not come in second,” Javi revealed on Instagram, sharing that he is super excited about coming home to spend time with his friends.

Javi Marroquin has previously revealed that things are great with his wife. The two FaceTime each other on a daily basis in hopes of keeping the relationship alive. The two haven’t really talked about their marriage on social media, but the media is having a blast questioning their relationship. According to Radar Online, Marroquin posted a picture of himself with another woman while working in Qatar. The report revealed that things were good between Javi and Lowry even though he was hanging out with another woman.

“Kailyn doesn’t know the woman,” a source has revealed to Radar Online about their marriage, adding, “She [only] met her once at her friend’s bridal shower and apparently she works with Javi. Kailyn feels like Javi can hang out with whoever he wants. She’s his wife, not his boss.”

He posted a picture with another woman on Instagram, and many rumors surfaced that he was spending a lot of time with her. Marroquin later deleted the picture. Now, he’s tweeting about people, feelings, and things changing. He could be quoting a song or a movie, but it does seem rather vague because of everything that has been going on in their marriage and media.

Do you think Javi Marroquin is talking about his marriage?

[Image via Instagram]