'General Hospital' Spoilers: Hayden's Secret Rocks Port Charles, Tracy Hatches A New Plan, And Ava Scrambles

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Monday's episode brings plenty more drama related to Hayden and Nikolas, as well as action tied to Tracy. Paul will have an intense chat with Ava, while Sam and Jason have a conversation with some interesting twists and turns. What can viewers expect from the March 28 show?

As viewers saw on Friday's show, Elizabeth busted Hayden for her secrets, and Nikolas now knows that his wife is really Rachel Berlin. She is scrambling and desperate to convince her husband she loves him, but fans know there is more to this relationship than just love. Will he manage to forgive her?

Things will be explosive as Nikolas and Hayden hash this out during Monday's show. He was suspicious of her past, but General Hospital spoilers via Soap Central detail that he will feel completely rocked by his wife's betrayal. As stunned as Nikolas may be, viewers know that there are more secrets yet to be revealed on this front. As the newlyweds duke it out in Wyndemere, Elizabeth will be telling Laura and Lulu to stay clear of the raging battle.

According to We Love Soaps, Nikolas will quickly connect with Sam and tell her what he has learned about Hayden being Rachel Berlin. He had hired Sam to look into his wife's past, then told her to back off, but she had continued to dig anyway. Will the two of them be able to pin down what Rachel Berlin's motives truly were in all of this?

Tracy may still be in the hospital dealing with her medical crisis, but General Hospital spoilers detail that she will still be angling on her plan to take back ELQ. She seemingly thinks she has a secret weapon at her disposal, and she is scrambling and planning while still at the hospital. Could this be related to Ned's return, which is expected to begin early this week?

Ava will be looking for help from Scotty, seemingly after Paul pushes her to work with him further. Can Ava find a way to get out from under Paul's control? General Hospital spoilers detail that Laura, Jason, and Dillon will all be shocked to learn about Hayden's past, and it seems that Sam and Jason will compare notes on the situation and determine that things aren't quite adding up properly.

As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Anna will connect with an unlikely partner, while Jason feels a renewed connection to the Quartermaine family. It seems that Kristina will finally open up to her mother about her secret, and viewers will see Julian contemplate an interesting offer of some sort. Will Nina, perhaps, be proposing a way to ensure that Crimson can continue? Teasers show that she appears to figure out that he is the one sabotaging the magazine, but where do things head next on this front?

Kiki is progressing in her recovery from the sounds of things, and General Hospital spoilers tease that Morgan will be making some progress, as well. Kiki will be working on helping him through his depression, but she is also going to be facing some trauma as she works through her recovery.

Brooklyn Rae Silzer returns to Port Charles later in the week to spend her spring break with Grandma Anna, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Hayden will be angling to maintain an edge with Nikolas. He may be furious with her and anxious to push her away, but teasers indicate that she will bring up what she knows about Nikolas' involvement in the shooting and this will surely throw their complicated relationship into a new state of chaos.

This week will be jam-packed with drama, and it all begins with Monday's episode. Is there more to Hayden's past and who will be the one to uncover the truth? Is Griffin who he says he is and will both Kiki and Morgan fully recover? Viewers can't wait to see what comes next as the chaos plays out on General Hospital.

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