'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: What Would Daryl's Death Mean To The Show?

The Walking Dead viewers got a huge shock during Sunday night's episode when it appeared that the beloved character of Daryl Dixon may have been shot and killed by Savior Dwight, but is Daryl really dead and gone?

The Walking Dead spoilers prepared many fans for Daryl Dixon's big moment in Season 6, Episode 15, but it was still a shock to see it play out on screen. As Daryl tried to save a captured Glenn and Michonne, Dwight sneaks up behind him, fires a shot, and fans see a lot of blood splatter all over the camera. "He'll be alright," Dwight says, and the episode ends. Is Daryl dead or alive, and should we be worried about our favorite motorcycle riding, crossbow wielding bad boy? The answer is yes.

According to CNN, actor Norman Reedus, who plays the beloved Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, says fans should definitely be worried about Daryl. While Reedus refuses to speak out about whether Daryl is dead or alive, he does confirm that Dwight has shot him, which will leave him wounded.

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Does Daryl Die In Season 6?
[Image via AMC]As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Walking Dead spoilers have suggested that Daryl does make it to the finale alive, but will he stay that way? That is the big question, as Negan will arrive in next week's Season 6 finale, and lives will be lost.

Big spoilers have been leaked about the finale, and there are shocking to say the least. [Warning: Season finale spoilers below!]

According to a recent post by The Spoiling Dead, who is highly accurate on their Walking Dead spoilers, fans will officially meet the worst villain of the series, Negan, in the finale, and for one of the most beloved characters on the show, it means death.

The spoilers suggest that Negan will show up after Rick, and basically every other character important to the show's fans, including Glenn, Maggie, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, and Carl, has been captured by The Saviors. Negan will explain to Rick that he is going to kill a member of the group, and then after that, the rest of them will work with The Saviors and give them half of everything they have.

As Negan will walk past each one of our favorite Walking Dead characters one by one trying to decide what to do, we'll see the fear and panic in their eyes. Finally, he'll make his decision and chose his victim. Once Negan chooses who he's going to kill, the camera angle will shift to first person and we'll see the horrible exchange through the victim's eyes.

The Walking Dead Season 6 spoilers: Negan kills beloved character with his bat.
[Image via AMC]Negan's weapon of choice, a baseball bat covered in barbed wire whom he calls Lucille, will reportedly swing and hit the victim multiple times as their vision/camera begins to blur. The rest of the group will be heard screaming and crying, and one last swing will end the person's life. The camera will fade to black, and that will be end of The Walking Dead Season 6.

Fans will have no idea who Negan's victim is, and will be forced to wait for the results of the epic, and totally frustrating, cliffhanger for over 6 months until The Walking Dead Season 7 returns to AMC in mid-October.

So, what are the odds that Negan kills Daryl Dixon? Well, although in the comic series it is Glenn that gets the bat, it seems Daryl could easily be substituted in, along with anyone else. As The Walking Dead likes to remind their fans, "no one is safe," and everyone is at risk of dying, even arguably the most popular character on the series, Daryl.

If Daryl were to die, many fans would be very upset. In fact, for years viewers have claimed they would quit watching the series all together if Norman Reedus wasn't a part of it. It seems Daryl brings a certain emotion to the series that none of the other characters can give the viewers. If Daryl is gone forever, so is that feeling. Daryl's past has been explored very little, and everyone wants to know more about the mysterious character who has won over the hearts of viewers, and killing him now without more to his life or story would break the hearts of many loyal fans, who would either give up on the show, or have to learn to live without the character entirely, much like mourning the death of a real person.

Norman Reedus himself says that he would not be happy if Daryl Dixon were to die on The Walking Dead.

"I don't think I'm ever going to be happy with that decision ever. Like every character on this show, there's always more story to tell. We really in the last two, maybe three years paid attention to some of the characters more than others — and some of the characters haven't had much screen time at all. I can't say that I would be happy. I can't say that I would not understand but you see what happens and he does get shot. It's his blood that's on the camera."
Walking Dead fans are completely invested in this series, and if Daryl is gone it would be a huge loss for the fan community. Thankfully, they have each other to help get through whatever is about to happen to Daryl and the rest of the gang, because from what we know about the finale, it isn't good at all!

So, if you're a big Daryl Dixon fan, you might want to mentally prepare yourself of the Season 6 finale just in case there's a chance we'll all watch Daryl's life end tragically.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead spoilers? Do you think Daryl's dead?

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