Which Direction Is One Direction Going If They Break Up?

Will your next One Direction concert be a reunion gig? Sadly, the news that Simon Cowell told the media in late March could be true, and this means that One Direction might not have taken a hiatus, but, instead, they are on their way to breaking up for good.

According to a Billboard interview with Simon Cowell on March 24, One Direction is still having some trouble figuring out whether they they will be going to go back to work as a band or part ways forever. To be specific, Simon Cowell stated the following.

“In a weird way, I don’t want to know. I don’t think they’ve had enough time to experience what it’s like not being in the group to really answer that.”

Now, the question for fans is where all of this is going for One Direction. Will some members fall out of the spotlight as has happened with some boy bands in the past like New Kids on the Block or NSYNC?

One Direction going in a new direction with a solo career, perhaps

Will fans no longer hear from Niall Horan because he has fallen into the shadows, or some other possibility that a devout One Direction fan could despise?

As upsetting as it may seem to some 1D fans, there have been many boy bands in the past like One Direction that had members continue to remain celebrities, while the less popular members decided to call it a day and give up on their careers. Is this the direction that One Direction is headed?

At the moment, it appears that every single member of One Direction past or present is working within the entertainment industry. While they appear to be working, they are not making any official declarations about their solo careers just yet.

Although it is not being published as official information, some speculate or assume that One Direction is waiting for the month of March to officially be over so they can reveal their hiatus solo plans.

For members that have less popularity, they seem to be working behind-the-scenes and anchoring careers that do not necessarily have anything to do with music.

For instance, Niall Horan was rumored to have made up a solo career contract with his record label Syco after Zayn Malik left the band, according to Gossie.

Nevertheless, Niall Horan is also putting his eggs in a different type of entertainment basket with his pursuit of opening a golf management agency, according to Capital FM.

Of course, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have always had a lot of fans independently of One Direction, and it is likely they will have the same success staying with music that Justin Timberlake or Donnie Wahlberg had after NSYNC and New Kids on the Block broke up.

Obviously, Zayn Malik has gone ahead with a solo music career, and his recent release of Mind Of Mine proves that he can survive after breaking up with One Direction.

Harry Styles may have had a lot of success with One Direction, but it can appear that he is not necessarily putting a strong foot forward about solo music. Instead, Harry Styles currently seems to be leaning toward a post-One Direction career in acting in movies like Dunkirk.

One Direction fans are serious about supporting 1D solo careers

On the other hand, Harry Styles has been rumored to have recorded at least four solo songs already … and Digital Spy claims signing with talent agent Jeffrey Azoff could be a sign Harry Styles will eventually go toward a solo music direction. There are also rumors from the Mirror that Harry Styles has “hired a songwriter so he can beat Zayn Malik.”

Liam Payne, alternatively, seems to be working in the music industry, but only behind-the-scenes. Recently, it was reported that Liam Payne is helping a number of people work on their music since One Direction has been on hiatus, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, but there is still no news that he is actually going to start a solo music career.

Finally, Louis Tomlinson may come across as being a new dad with no time for working on a career with or without One Direction, but he has actually been firmly planted in the music business since April 15, 2015, when he officially registered his record label called 78 Productions.

Naturally, since Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne are known for their strong songwriting skills, they may continue to use these options as a way to make a career for themselves if One Direction actually does break up.

In fact, MTV reported on October 22, 2015, that Louis Tomlinson was not necessarily looking to start a solo music career, but was going to work with Liam Payne on several songs during the One Direction hiatus.

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