Investigation Discovery Resurrects ‘Disappeared’ To Profile Unsolved Cold Cases

Fans of Investigation Discovery’s missing person series, Disappeared, demanded the true crime network bring back the series, and ID listened. Disappeared returns for a seventh season after a three-year hiatus, focusing on unsolved cases of loved ones who have gone missing, to try to stir up some fresh leads and new information to heat up these cold cases.

Each installment of the 10-episode season run will focus on one individual family who is still searching for daughters, sisters, sons, husbands, and even a Harlem Globetrotter, among the featured stories for Disappeared‘s new season, which premieres April 11. The show originally debuted in February 2010 and ran for five seasons, ending in April 2013. Due to viewer demands, Investigation Discovery produced Disappeared specials in 2014 and 2015, shining a spotlight on current cases making headlines. ID now brings back the series in its original form due to popular demand, according to a press release statement by Kevin Bennett, general manager of Investigation Discovery.

“Disappeared was one of the cornerstone series that helped launch ID, and our viewers have told us time and again that there’s nothing else like it on television. After listening to their outcry to cover more cases, we realized that Disappeared isn’t just a part of ID’s DNA, but it’s also an important tool to help families and law enforcement bring much needed attention to heart-breaking cold cases.”

The missing person cases featured this season include the following.

  • Jessica Heeringa worked the night shift at a gas station in Norton Shores, Michigan, to help support her 3-year-old son and fiancé. On April 26, 2013, a customer entered the store where she worked at 11:15 p.m. to find her missing.
  • When 25-year-old Tiffany Daniels doesn’t return home from work for several days, her roommate tracks down her parents to help look for the artist, who has been missing since August 12, 2013 from Pensacola, Florida. All that has been found of her is her abandoned car left in a beach parking lot.
missing person cold cases
  • Bryce Lapisa started the five-hour drive from college to his parents’ home in Orange County, California, on August 30, 2013, but 20 hours and several strange phone calls later, his car is found crashed and abandoned in a desert park, but Bryce is nowhere to be found.
  • Tammy Kingery is bedridden, but when her husband and children return from errands on September 20, 2014, the wife and mother has disappeared from their home in North Augusta, South Carolina. All that is left of the 37-year-old nurse is a note saying she’s gone for a walk, yet she took nothing with her.
  • Nationally-renowned BMX rider Brian Histand had been displaying odd behavior before he disappeared in the desert near Phoenix, Arizona, on May 15, 2013. Some speculate that all of his years of doing stunts without a helmet may have caused his stated confusion.
  • On August 8, 2012, 60-year-old David Riemens leaves for a meeting about a construction job in Watertown, Tennessee, before he returns home to Michigan, but he never arrives home. His truck is found abandoned in a local parking lot but police don’t even know the location of the construction site where the meeting was supposed to be held as they begin their search.
  • Former Harlem Globetrotter Rico Harris disappears on October 10, 2014 while driving from Los Angeles to Seattle to move in with his fiancée, Jennifer Song. Harris keeps in contact by phone during the trip, until he tells them he’s taking a detour into the mountains, when the phone calls stop. His car is later found in a remote recreation area, but he’s nowhere in sight.
  • Robert Hoagland is a no-show to pick up his wife at the airport on July 28, 2013, and no one can find him. All they find is his car miles from his home in Newtown, Connecticut, and his son Max is inside. Max tells police that his dad had an argument with some men at an abandoned factory a few days prior to his disappearance.
  • Waitress Brandy Hanna clocks out from her job on Friday for a weekend of fun in Charleston, South Carolina, but all communication with family and friends ends the night of May 20, 2005. When Monday rolls around, Hanna doesn’t report to work. A neighbor saw her get into a truck the night she disappeared, but she hasn’t been seen since.
  • When Jennifer Kesse doesn’t show up for work on January 24, 2006, her friends and family in Orlando, Florida, know something is wrong. Their instincts are confirmed when her car is found abandoned a mile from her apartment.

family of missing persons
While many of these cases have gone cold, family and friends still hold out hope for a miracle that their loved ones will be found to bring closure to their suffering.

Disappeared premieres Monday, April 11 on Investigation Discovery at 10 p.m. ET.

[Image courtesy of Investigation Discovery]