Dvsn New Album: Drake-Affiliated R&B Duo’s Project Now Available

Dvsn’s highly-anticipated Sept. 5th album is set to release in early April. While Dvsn has a faithful following, the Drake affiliated duo’s songs are already getting stars across the board for the selected previews.

Dvsn, pronounced “division,” had a few of their tracks debuted during Drake’s OVO Sound Radio, Episode 18. The show aired on March 26, and Dvsn was featured as the special guest, according to Hot New Hip Hop.


The source mentions the “mysterious duo” Dvsn debuted four songs on the station: “With Me,” “The Line,” “Too Deep,” and “Hallucinations,” as mentions the hip hop source. And, accordingly, Dvsn’s fans seem to adore each one. However, they’ve been released for a while. The source states that those particular Dvsn songs released toward the end of 2015.

Yet, as notes iTunes, Dvsn’s Sept. 5th album contains 10 songs. Pertaining to Dvsn’s song list, the tracks are named as follows.

  1. With Me
  2. Too Deep
  3. Try/Effortless
  4. Do It Well
  5. In + Out
  6. Sept. 5th
  7. Hallucinations
  8. Another One
  9. Angela
  10. The Line

So far, good reports reign about Dvsn’s album. Via iTunes, likewise, the album reviews show positively. Pitchfolk notes that the duo’s Sept. 15th album is among 27 most-anticipated projects of 2016. On top of Dvsn’s release, recently, Dvsn revamped Aaliyah’s “One in a Million” with the group’s unique sound. If you would like to hear Dvsn’s version of the song, you can listen below.

Dvsn – “One in a Million” Remix

Dvsn’s Daniel Daley is the featured singer on the track. While the duo is composed of the aforementioned singer and producer Nineteen85, the two seem to work well with each other — well enough to sign to OVO’s label, anyway. Both artists are from Toronto, Canada, and both are OVO affiliated. It’s no wonder that the two work so well together, right?

On March 19, Dvsn performed at the Fader Fort concert, in Austin, Texas. It was held at the 2016 South x Southwest event. According to Fader, Dvsn was accompanied by “a female DJ, and a backing gospel choir enveloped in thick purple smoke.”

That was Dvsn’s first performance with OVO. However, Drake’s label ended up as the feature performers at 2016 Fader Fort. Specifically, Dvsn was joined by the likes of Drake, PartyNextDoor, Roy Woods, and Metro Boomin’, as states Fader.

The source also mentioned that Drake performed his recently-released single, “Summer Sixteen” — a song that discusses “revenge” during Summer 2016. So, it looks like Dvsn’s labelhead is on top so far, no?

As mentions the music source, Dvsn hasn’t necessarily had any official interviews or press releases. There are barely any photos or biographies pertaining to Dvsn. Although, there are particular articles and news pieces from independent sources, OVO has essentially kept the group under wraps.

However, according to Pitchfork, the Dvsn group had humble beginnings. It notes as follows.

“He also produced ‘The Line’, a slow-motion R&B ballad by shadowy new Toronto act Dvsn that doubles down on the sonic techniques of ‘Too Much’ by spreading its musical reveal across seven exquisite minutes. What begins as just another anonymous, ’90s R&B-inspired SoundCloud trifle snowballs into a gospel-choir-backed shot at the Slow Jam Hall of Fame and earns its place in the same sentence as D’Angelo’s ‘Untitled (How Does It Feel)’…

He sounds like any number of heartthrobs pining for affection, though his desires have an unexpected depth and sweetness compared to Chris Brown’s shameless salaciousness or the Weeknd’s self-loathing boorishness.”

Nevertheless. Dvsn’s official album release date is April 1. Are you looking forward to its 10 songs? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

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