Willis Family Confirms If They Want More Children: Are They Quiverfull?

Viewers are loving the new show The Willis Family, but considering this show airs on TLC and they have a ton of children people have a lot of questions. The Willis Family is being compared sometimes to the Duggar family, but they are really nothing like them. Starcasm shared about this family and if they want more kids, and also if they are Quiverfull.

Brenda and Toby Willis have 12 children together. They are obviously very happy with their kids, and even started a band called The Willis Clan. They really enjoy their kids, but now everyone wants to know if they want more. Actually, Brenda Willis shared a while back that they are only planning on having these 12 children. Why did they make that choice? USA Today shared the reason the Willis‘ are done having kids, according to Brenda Willis.

When Brenda Willis had Jaeger, it was a home birth, and her uterus erupted during the birth. Brenda had to be rushed to the hospital, and she then had a c-section. Just three months later, she got pregnant with Jada Willis, and this was a very hard pregnancy. Brenda shared that they decided after her birth that they didn’t want to have any more children. Brenda Willis shared the reason was because “My husband said he didn’t want 13 kids and no mother. I’m done. That was a scary time that last year, but we made it through.”

Brenda Willis also went on to share her thoughts about her family and how well they are doing socially.

“We just live life to the absolute fullest. I hope people who watch our show can get past the circus and see that if parents will just invest time and energy and love into their kids, they can see the same results that we’re seeing.”

The Duggars actually embrace the Quiverfull movement, but they don’t live by all of the principles. The Willis family hasn’t been very open about if they live by this movement, but the fact that they have 12 kids has made a lot of people question it. The Quiverfull movement is all about having a quiver full of children, and basically if you do this, then you would not be someone preventing pregnancy. The name does come from the Bible from Psalm 127: 3-5.

At this time, Brenda and Toby Willis have not shared their exact opinions on what is going on with their family and the Quiverfull movement, but from what they have revealed about their family, it doesn’t seem like they are part of it.

Patheos shared some details of the Quiverfull movement. It revealed what Quiverfull means.

” ‘Quiverfull’ is a convenient, though I believe, somewhat unfortunate term which we’re using at No Longer Quivering to describe a family lifestyle which is growing in popularity among evangelical Christians ~ particularly those who home educate their children.”

When it comes to The Willis Family, they do homeschool their children, which is another reason people assumed they were part of this movement. They actually tour a lot during the year, and it would be very hard for the Willis kids to go to a normal school with their schedule. They shared on the show The Willis Family that last year they were gone 9 months out of the year.

Are you shocked to hear that The Willis Family isn’t Quiverfull? Did you expect for Brenda Willis to be trying for more children in the future? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of The Willis Family on Tuesday nights on TLC.

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