Harry Styles Getting ‘Inundated’ With Film Offers, Might Start New Boy Band! [Video]

Harry Styles is obviously a huge singer, but the One Direction heart-throb has another career in mind, and has been getting more acting offers than he can accept. Harry is slated to appear in a “musical movie” that rumored ex-girlfriend, Cara Delevingne, will also star in, but that’s not the only role Harry has been offered. According to one source, Styles is “also in talks to appear in Christopher Nolan’s war film Dunkirk,” and is being “inundated” with other offers!

The musical movie, produced by Universal Pictures, that Harry will appear in also stars Susan Boyle, who shocked audiences several years ago with her voice on Britain’s Got Talent. The yet-unnamed movie is set to release early in 2017, and is an “all-singing romantic comedy” set in London during the WWII. Styles should begin filming late in 2016.

While Cara Delevingne will have a leading role, Harry’s part will be relatively minor, which makes sense if Styles is committed to so many other projects. It’s also his first foray into acting, so Harry likely wanted a smaller role to see if he’s really interested in acting.

Although it’s not clear why Harry Styles wasn’t cast in a leading role, an insider close to the project revealed that “Harry wouldn’t be playing the lead, so the success of the film would not depend on his performance,” the insider explained.

Although “Harry has been inundated with film offers over the last 12 months,” there was something about the British musical movie that “caught his eye,” and Styles had to participate. The movie has “a great script” the source explained, adding that the film “could be the perfect way for him to break into an acting career with a smaller part.”

The insider added that with all his singing and acting commitments, Harry Styles is “very ambitious to balance a solo singing career and a Hollywood acting career.” The source also compared Harry to none other than Justin Timberlake, explaining that Styles wants a singing and acting career just like “Justin Timberlake has managed.”

This isn’t the first film offer Harry has received, and in fact, Styles was offered a role in Harvey Weinstein’s Tulip Fever, co-starring with Cara Delevingne, but the boy bander had to turn down the offer to work on his debut solo album. Although there’s no word about when the highly-anticipated album will be released, it’s rumored to be soon! Styles has been spotted several times around London wearing a beanie that seems permanently attached to his head — fueling rumors that he chopped off his long hair to star in Dunkirk. The film, which is about the evacuation of 300,000 British soldiers from the coastal city of Dunkirk, France, in 1940, is directed by Christopher Nolan, and will star Tom Hardy and Mark Rylance, among others.Naturally, fans will be sorry to see the locks go, but are swooning over the thought of Styles with short hair!

Harry Styles only recently dropped his long-time management company to sign with U.S.-based company CCA, and he might be starting a new boy band now that One Direction is taking a break. Styles was recently spotted spending time with pals professional boxer Mike Lee and soccer player Odell Beckham Jr., and to celebrate, Lee shared a candid photo over Instagram, along with the caption “[w]e’re starting a new band. Looking for names…”

Although likely a joke, since neither Mike Lee nor Odell Beckham Jr. are performers, the photo still has the internet freaking out that Styles is dropping One Direction altogether in search of a new band!

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[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]