Drake And Rihanna May Be Busy Being Friends With Benefits, But They Make Time For Their Fans Too

Drake, artist and many people’s favorite dancer thanks to “Hotline Bling,” brought out a big surprise recently. The surprise? Drake showed up at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, just last Saturday, according to Rolling Stone. The rapper showed up and closed the night with a six song set featuring songs like “Know Yourself,” “Legend,” “Energy,” “Back to Back,” and “Summer 16.”

Drake’s motivation for his surprise performance would most likely be to promote his new album, Views From The 6. While there is no official release date, Drake makes it seem like the day is getting ever closer, always keeping fans on their toes. Drake spoke about the release date of the new album.

Views From the 6 coming in how many weeks, I hope you enjoy that sh*t.”

Rolling Stone reported that, in a February episode of The Smokebox, producer Noah Shebib let out some details on Drake’s latest album.

“We’re getting very, very close. The time will come, I think, when Drake’s ready to pull the trigger. For us it’s just a balance of finding that space to make such a project that’s based around our city and then also coming out here to the West Coast to escape some of the harsh winter and find a good creative space. It has to be a balance of like both those locations, for what it’s supposed to be, for the type of album we’re making.”

According to Stereogum, Drake and Kendrick Lamar might just be collaborating in the new album. The duo were recently posting $2 bills on their respective Instagram accounts within minutes of each other. Just before Drake posted the photo, Kendrick Lamar had posted it on his own Instagram.

Album news aside, Drake’s stirred up quite the buzz recently when he joined Rihanna onstage to perform “Work.” The rapper and his alleged ex-girlfriend worked a little more than just the music according to TMZ.

The relationship between the two is a little on the friends with benefits side as of late, according to Hollywood Life. Drake is a charming guy with a lot of game to back it up and Rihanna seems to have a thing for bad boys. Rihanna’s friends are getting pretty concerned that she might end up being hurt by Drake somewhere down the line. But the reality is that Drake and Rihanna are hooking up and Rihanna seems to be ok with it. For now. So, her friends might just have to be ok with it for now as well.

A source spoke about Drake and Rihanna’s relationship.

“She and Drake are back to being friends with benefits and she’s all right with that, for now.”

The source then went on to speak about what might happen for Rihanna somewhere down the line.

“She knows he’s a jerk at times and a player. She overlooks that because he’s charming, smooth and sexy. They’ve had wild sex in the past and no matter how much Rihanna says she’s looking for a long lasting commitment, she has urgent bedroom needs.”

During the Miami stop, the pair had also taken some time off to visit a cancer-stricken fan, according to Hot New Hip Hop. The fan, upon meeting Drake and Rihanna, said it was the best day of her life.

The fan, who goes by the name “Drake’s #1 Fan” on Instagram but whose real name is Megan, took to social media to post about one of her best moments with Drake.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]