'Dance Moms' Season 6 Spoilers: Kendall K Bullied By Brynn Rumfallo Supporters, Jill Vertes Blames Producers

Dance Moms Season 6 returns with an all-new episode this Tuesday, March 29, with "ALDC Does Vegas." The latest spoilers revealed that Episode 13 will once again focus on the feud between Jill Vertes and Ashlee Allen. Turns out, some of the moms, particularly Kendall K's and Maddie Ziegler's, are still upset that Brynn Rumfallo is now officially part of the Abby Lee Miller Dance Company (ALDC).

Tuesday's episode of Dance Moms Season 6 will once again be filled with drama. In the promo video, Jill was seen confronting Ashlee about the way she has been treating Kendall.

"I am not allowing this woman to talk to my child like that. Grow the f**k up!"
In the middle of Jill's outburst, Kendall K approached Ashlee and yelled something at her, clearly disappointed. The ALDC elite member then walked out, quickly followed by mom Jill. Abby tried to stop the duo, but they just continued walking, ignoring the coach.

According to International Business Times, Jill Vertes and Kendall K have been receiving several negative comments on Twitter from Dance Moms fans. Viewers of the Lifetime series allegedly thought that Jill and Kendall were being too hard on newcomers Ashlee and Brynn. A few also called out Maddie Ziegler's mom, Melissa Gisoni, for "bullying" the new dancer.

Jill Vertes, however, tried to clear her name on her official Twitter page. The Dance Moms Season 6 reality star insisted that Ashlee was the one who was "rude and out of line all the time." She also pointed out that fans should not believe everything they see on television.
"People shouldn't judge a person or a child from what they see on a TV show. I'm not a bully, but I surely am being bullied now. Funny how people hate a bully, then act a bully."
As Jill Vertes and Melissa Gisoni seemed to be "ganging up" on Ashlee Allen, support has been reportedly pouring out for Brynn Rumfallo. Dance Moms fans pointed out that because of the way Jill and Melissa have been acting, their daughters Maddie and Kendall will definitely be getting heat from Brynn's followers.On her Twitter page, Jill claimed that Ashlee and Brynn were brought in the show to bring in more drama to Dance Moms Season 6. The reality star added that the producers also "encouraged bullying," possibly to bring in more ratings. She also explained that Maddie's trio had to lose in the last episode just so Brynn could get into ALDC.
"It was never about the win! We knew brynn had to win to be on the team! ‪#produced."

In the last episode of Dance Moms Season 6, Ashlee Allen and Jill Vertes had another heated confrontation after Kendall K's mom refused to acknowledge Brynn as a new member of ALDC. She also insisted that the entire competition was rigged in Brynn's favor.

Clearly hurt by Jill's accusations, Ashlee Allen stormed out of the dressing room, bringing Brynn with her. She pointed out that the entire Dance Moms cast wanted them to fail since the very beginning.
"I'm always the bad guy because everybody turns against me and I'm stupid. They don't want us here that's fine. I'm done!"
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[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]