‘Love & Hip Hop’ Reunion Show Spoilers: Cardi B Puts Peter Gunz On Blast For Relationships With Amina Buddafly And Tara Wallace

Part two of the Love & Hip Hop reunion is set to air on Monday, and it just might be more explosive than the first half. The second half picks up where the LHHNY cast left off, after Amina Buddafly announced that she is pregnant again with her husband, Peter Gunz’s baby. Tara Wallace was visibly upset by the announcement since that means she no longer has Peter’s youngest child. However, it was Cardi B, who has never dated Peter in her life, that finally stood up to the washed-up rapper and put him in his place and VH1 has even shared the shocking clip where the confrontation goes down.

The debate has been going strong on social media about whether Amina or Tara is Peter’s side chick. Some believe that Amina Buddafly should bow out, despite being married to the LHHNY star, because Tara has been around longer. Does that really matter, though, since Peter married Amina and not Tara?

That said, Tara won’t stop messing around with Peter, and at this point, she seems to keep the relationship alive simply out of spite. Tara has been going back and forth with Peter for 13 years now and claims that she isn’t a “side chick” since she was there first and has the most kids with him. Wallace recently had her third son with Peter, and even named the child Gunner, after his dad’s rap moniker “Gunz.” When Peter announced that he was getting a vasectomy to prove to Amina that he’s a changed man (try not to laugh), Tara took joy in the thought that she’d be the last one to carry his child.

All that joy turned to a look of total disgust and surprise when Amina announced at the Love & Hip Hop reunion that she is also newly pregnant, again with Peter’s child. Pretty much the entire cast was shocked at Amina’s bombshell, since just months before she had an abortion due to all the drama between Tara and Peter.

While Amina and Tara continue fighting with each other over Peter, it was Cardi B who finally stepped up and told Peter that he is the problem.

“Look what you gave Amina and Tara babies, and that’s it!” Cardi exclaimed. Peter tried to hit back with a line about whether or not she even knows him. Naturally, he had nothing else to say because Peter hasn’t really done much for Tara and Amina besides giving them headaches and more babies.

“I see what I see on TV, and men like you are the type of men I be talking about. You need to get from what these guys what you want,” Cardi B said. “You get p***y out of both of them, and what are they getting in return? And what are they getting in return?! They look stupid on TV.”

At that point, Peter Gunz tried to tell Cardi that she was being disrespectful. That’s when Cardi clapped back, “Well thank God none of your n*t is in my bloodstream ’cause I’ll be damned! Get the f**k outta here!” Then she continued, “She’s (Amina) a talented ass woman, and Tara is a smart ass woman and you got them looking dumb on TV! Men like you need to get used!”

Do you think Cardi B had the right to tell Peter off the way he did? Also, can you believe how shocked Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace were to hear him get verbally attacked like that? It was about time someone said something to Peter about the way he goes back and forth between the two women. The Love & Hip Hop star was sitting on stage with two women that he got pregnant at the same time, after all. At this point, he’s taking turns having babies with both of them.

[Image via YouTube]