Shemar Moore’s Last Day On ‘Criminal Minds’ Was ‘Brutal,’ Watch His Message About Next Week’s Show

Shemar Moore has no qualms admitting his last day on the set of Criminal Minds was more than a little “brutal,” according to a recent E! Online interview. Apparently, tissues were had by almost everyone. The tears were flowing.

Moore’s departure was very “hush hush.” CBS actually planned it that way. Saying it was a bombshell moment is putting it lightly. There’s no telling how long die-hard Derek Morgan fans will be in mourning.

The good new is the sexy BAU agent didn’t die. It was close, but he made it through, even after being tortured. After his harrowing ordeal, the new husband and father decided to cut his ties with the team to concentrate on his personal life.

So, does that mean there’s a chance Derek Morgan will once again grace the halls of the BAU? At this point, no one knows for sure. But there’s always hope. “Baby Girl” may need to be rescued one day.

Recalling his last day of filming, Shemar Moore had this to say.

“My final day was hard because it wasn’t just Derek Morgan walking off into the sunset. It was me, Shemar, who hates goodbyes. I had Kleenex hidden behind one of the props. A.J.’s trying not to cry. I’m like, ‘A.J., if you break, I’m going to break.’ It just kind of all hit us. It was really hard for me.”

He went on to explain that it was so brutal because he wanted to do right by Derek and not second-guess himself. He got choked up several times and had to run to the make-up trailer to “de-puff” his eyes.

At lunch time, the cast and crew (all 360 of them) surprised him with a cake. His mom was there. He tried his best to make a speech, saying thank you and being sincere, without being “a big old wimp.”

Speaking of food, when Moore was asked what he was going to miss the most about his 11 years on Criminal Minds, he said the food.

“I’m going to miss the free food: Steak and shrimp and potatoes and macaroni and cheese. Man. Because I’m not the best cook in the world, so now I’m walking my dogs a lot and I’ve got to go grocery shopping. I might take a cooking class.”

If Shemar Moore does take a cooking class, imagine how thrilled the other students will be? He’ll get more attention than the instructor, no doubt!

As recently reported by the Inquisitr, Shemar Moore finished filming his role on Criminal Minds over a month ago. Since that time, he made an effort to re-watch some of Agent Morgan’s most memorable moments, in between recent episodes. One thing is certain, Moore is leaving with countless memories in tow, especially the sillier ones.

“I’ll remember the goofy things. I’ll remember that I’m the big dummy, the sucker of the group that got punked by everything. They scared me with a grizzly bear, they scared me with a Sasquatch. One of the crew members put on a bear outfit and, in the middle of a profile, we’re heading down the hill behind me. I turn around, freak out. They scared me with bats and rats and Rottweilers.”

In regard to what’s in store for Moore, in the upcoming months, Celebrity Dirty Laundry recently hinted he may be briefly returning to Genoa City, reprising his role of Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless.

What do you think about Derek’s sudden departure? Will you still be as interested in Criminal Minds without the presence of longtime (original) cast member Shemar Moore. Feel free to leave your feedback below.

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